Somerset regional animal shelter

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Bridgewater, NJ 08807
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. A Friendly Place

    by: edwin761

    A shelter saves so many lives. It is a great thing that can take in many unwanted beings and find them a happy, healthy home.


    saves lives


    Never enought room or money

  • 2. Little Shelter with a Big Heart

    by: Jones80

    This is a great little shelter that needs help in enlarging. They do a fantastic job. Employees and volunteers step up to the plate to do whatever they can to make the animals lives easier.


    Caring and knowledgeable staff, very clean, no odors


    Desperately need more space!

  • 3. This Shelter

    by: agates05

    they need to be open more i think... but other than that.. its a good place..


    helps animals


    doesnt turn them down

  • 4. a place where volunteers and prof work together to help animals

    by: cassagrl

    i think it sgreat that a place liek this will allow volunteers help on such a level .......and allow them to make a difference to an animal ...that to me is amazing!


    wat a great place for animals to get the vet care they neeed


    has to euthanize really hurt animals for the sake of the animal

  • 5. Very Loving Facility

    by: Lsls67

    I found this shelter to be the only shelter I walked into that first of all did not smell offensive when I first walked in. I then found the staff very curtious, knowledgeable, and truly caring of the animals in their care.\r\nThe staff was very complete with the nformation that was given to us upon adopting our cat. They were also very careful about checking our references & housing situation prior to adopting out the animal.\r\nFinally, there has been warm and wonderful follow up contact from the manager of this facility since the adoption of our cat.\r\nTop quality care for adoptive families and the animals they care for!!\r\nThank you!\r\nLsls67


    The staff takes a very personal interest in the animals.


    Hours not very long

  • 6. Pet Services

    by: Alexandria

    I loved this animal shelter! Not only was it helpful but it was extreemly close, the staff was on top of things and they loved all of the animals that came through. Infact, the day that we were there my friend adopted a cat. They are so helpful and very respectful. I love this shelter! :)


    It was helpful


    It was far

  • 7. Thank you for caring!

    by: Casey01

    I am very pleased to see a shelter in New Jersey trying to reduce the feral cat population. I have seen many cats running around on the sides of roads when I go to visit family. This is extremly commendable.


    Clean, helpful, trying to keep down feral cat populaions


    None to report

  • 8. Love it here

    by: JEngland

    I have adopted two cats and a rabbit from this shelter. I love it here!


    Friendly atmosphere


    small building

  • 9. good

    by: dblevins

    I like this place


    on time


    a little distant

  • 10. Awesome Story!!!!

    by: Nora43

    This is an awesome article!!! I have had many bad experiences where I found a hurt animal and have been turned down for care just because of money which is disgraceful! Vets like that should be ashamed of themselves. This article is fantastic and I loved reading it. These people have hearts of gold and truly care about these animals. I love hearing about stories like this!





  • 11. Why this is a great shelter...

    by: UDSara

    My boyfriend and I adopted our kitten, Chase, from Somerset Regional in August of this past year. I have been volunteering for about a month now, and I have nothing but great things to say about the shelter. \r\n\r\nThe staff and volunteers take wonderful care of all the shelter residents. They pay so much attention to the little things that make life more pleasant for the animals and really go above just the minimum of animal maintenance. The care and attention is great! \r\n\r\nI also appreciate how much they try to make a good match for adoption. It is very evident that they want both the shelter animals and the people who adopt them to be happy with the match for many years.\r\n\r\nI wish that all shelters had people with this kind of dedication behind them.


    wonderful staff, clean facility, great care taken with the animals, good adoption screening process


    too small

  • 12. Bubba Loved this Place

    by: rtropeano

    Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is a great place to find your next companion animal. I adopted Bubba from this shelter and he is every bit as wonderful as they said he was. He is the best cat anyone could ever have.\r\n\r\nAt SRAS, the animals are in great condition and the staff is caring and attentative.\r\n\r\nIf you don't find what you are looking for, they will refer you to another organization, because they have homeless animals' best interest at heart.\r\n\r\nIf you can't adopt, volunteer at the shelter, its just a nice place to spend time if you love animals.


    Great Place to Adopt


    Busy on the weekends

  • 13. Love our shelter

    by: jbeard

    I love to volunteer here and help the animals. The staff are very knowledgeable about the pets up for adoption and do a good job in a very busy and sometimes stressfull atmosphere. They could sure use a bigger, newer shelter to work in and care for the four legged furry friends!


    Great pets for adoption here


    Sometimes can be very busy on a Saturday

  • 14. Congrats on TNR program!

    by: missleodust

    More communities need programs such as TNR!




    more communities need programs

  • 15. The Little Shelter With The Big Heart

    by: patc

    Somerset Regional Animal Shelter (SRAS) is The Little Shelter With The Big Heart in many ways. SRAS is a municipal shelter for 3 towns in Central NJ - Bridgewater, Somerville and Manville. SRAS is a not-for-profit municipal organization that provides animal control services and care for approximately 1,000 lost, abandoned, and surrendered animals per year. Though the shelter mostly takes in and adopts out kittens, puppies, cats, and dogs, our animal control officers have provided support in placing goats, birds, snakes, rabbits, and hamsters! SRAS is recognized more and more each year as a humane, temporary place for many cats and dogs waiting for the opportunity to be placed into caring and loving homes. \r\nWe are proud to say that all animals (i.e., our dogs, cats, and rabbits) who are adopted from us will go home spayed/neutered. We are working to help control the pet over­population problem.\r\n\r\nFOSRAS\r\nFriends of Somerset Regional Animal Shelter (FOSRAS) is a volunteer group designed to support SRAS. Our group was formed in 2001 because of a need to raise public awareness about the shelter, offer educational information on cat and dog care, and participate in the shelter’s on-site adoptions while maintaining regular off-site adoptions. We received 501(c)3 nonprofit status in July 2002, allowing us to raise funds for medical expenses, new equipment, shelter improvements, and to provide educational programs for the public.\r\n\r\nFOSRAS MISSION STATEMENT\r\nThe purpose of FOSRAS is to promote humane care and treatment of all animals provided protection by the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter and to promote the return of lost animals to their owners, the finding of suitable homes for animals without guardians, humane treatment for all animals of all types, the education of the public in animal welfare, and spay/neuter programs as a method of animal population control.\r\n\r\nDONATIONS TO FOSRAS\r\nYour tax deductible donation to FOSRAS goes directly to the animals. There are no paid positions within FOSRAS, so your donation will be applied towards medical expenses, new equipment, shelter improvements, off-site adoptions and to cover expenses for any “special needs” pets that are currently living at the shelter. Donations of your TIME are also valuable and an important part in the adoption process! Trained foster homes are always needed, as are dog walkers, cat socializers and cleaning help. \r\n\r\nTHE CUPID FUND\r\nThe Cupid Fund is a special fund dedicated to helping the shelter perform emergency medical treatment for its pets. The fund is named after a sweet little dog who came to the shelter on Valentine's Day. Cupid, as we called him, had been hit by a car. Cupid was a wonderful dog whom everyone fell in love with; however, the special surgery that Cupid required was more than the shelter could afford. Through the dedication of volunteers, staff, and a generous veterinarian, money for the surgery was raised. Unfortunately, because of the trauma of his injuries, Cupid did not survive the surgery. \r\nThe Cupid fund was set up in memory of this special dog and the hope that the shelter can help other special pets who come to us in need of emergency care.\r\n\r\nFOSTER PROGRAM\r\nFoster care volunteers provide temporary care for kittens, puppies, dogs and cats. Some animals may only need a home for several days, while others may need several months of care. By offering your time, energy, and home to an animal in need, you prepare an animal for adoption into a permanent home as well as prevent overcrowding in our shelter. The Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is always looking for foster families to help improve the quality of life for our shelter pets.\r\nFoster candidates are carefully matched with foster homes according to the candidate's special needs and the foster parent's abilities. Whether you work full time or you are often at home, there may be a foster placement appropriate for you.\r\nYou must be able to keep your foster animals isolated from your own companion animals. A separate room or enclosed area will work best. For example a spare bathroom or laundry room is an excellent place to foster a cat or kittens.\r\nAfter we receive your application, a staff member will contact you.\r\nWon't you consider this very important (and very rewarding) task? \r\n\r\nJOIN OUR EMERGENCY HELP LIST!\r\nWant to help the shelter pets in some way but don't think you can because of family obligations and time constraints? \r\nWell then, consider joining our Friends of SRAS mailing list at Yahoo Groups, where you can help just by reading the few emails that we'll send you. No pressure to do anything, no need to reply... just read the email and if we're asking for something you can help with you can choose whether or not to do so. \r\n\r\nBARN/SHED CAT PROGRAM\r\nThere are many cats that are brought to the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter that have had minimal contact with people. While we do our best to socialize them, some cats may not ever become true house cats.\r\nYet these cats can live useful lives as barn cats. Their owners can benefit from the satisfaction of giving these kitties a second chance on life and possibly see that pesky rodent population kept at bay!\r\nBefore a barn cat is adopted, we will have the cat spayed or neutered, checked for FeLV and FIV, and brought up to date with its shots.\r\nIf you have an outbuilding like a barn that can provide a safe haven for our cats, won’t you consider adopting one or more? We can provide you with more literature to help you in deciding if adopting a barn/feral cat is right for you and your lifestyle.\r\nUsually when we adopt out a Barn or a Shed cat we are doing so with the understanding that the cat was previously unwanted or lost and lived on its own with minimal or no human contact, and/or may have been rescued by us from a dangerous or unhealthy situation. This could have long-lasting effects on the cat, they may always be fearful of human contact, or they may decide that you are the best thing that happened to them since catnip. SRAS is making no representations or warranties about the temperament, personality or condition of the cat. We are just hoping that the two of you find your relationship to be mutually beneficial... whatever that relationship turns out to be.\r\nFor health and safety reasons, and to help ensure that the cat is properly acclimated to his/her new home, the cat should be kept in a homing crate for three (3) weeks after adoption. (If not kept crated/locked in for that length of time, the cat will most likely run away and never be seen again.) After release, the cat should be given free run of the building and yards. We will provide a homing crate for 6-8 weeks with a $50.00 check deposit. We ask that the crate be returned promptly in good, clean condition so that we may pass it along to the next adopter. \r\nYour new cat needs to be provided with daily fresh water, cat food (even if it's a great mouser, your barn cat needs the vitamins and nutrition a store-bought cat food will provide) and comfortable, safe and sanitary shelter in your barn or other outbuilding at all times after release, and for the rest of the cat’s life. \r\nAll these cats ask is a chance to stretch their legs outside of their little shelter cages. They promise to help keep your outbuildings free of pesky mice and other undesirable rodents in exchange for a little food and shelter. Can you help employ one of our experienced mousers? \r\n\r\nTNR PROGRAM\r\nFOSRAS is pleased to announce a low-cost and humane solution to the stray and feral cat overpopulation problem that affects us all. For only $20 (for Bridgewater, Somerville and Manville residents) we will humanely trap your stray/feral cat, neuter them, and then either return them to their natural outdoors habitat or adopt them into caring homes. This program is called TNR.\r\nTrap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a full management plan in which stray and feral cats already living outdoors in cities, towns, and rural areas are humanely trapped, then evaluated, vaccinated, and sterilized by veterinarians. Kittens and tame cats are adopted into good homes. Healthy adult cats too wild to be adopted are returned to their familiar habitat under the lifelong care of volunteers.\r\nTo schedule your TNR appointment, call the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter at (908) 725-0308 \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n


    Great Staff and Volunteer Group


    Municipal Shelter only handles 3 Townships