Soldan Dog Park

1601 East Cavanaugh Rd
Lansing, MI 48910

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Disneyland for dogs!

    by: corby40

    I was thrilled to find the Soldan dog park- I have two dogs who love the outdoors and running off leash is the greatest! While I have found that early morning is best (otherwise it gets really packed), any time of day is a treat for my four legged friends. The park is set in the back of Hawk Island Park. There is parking specific for the dog park, plenty of doggy-doo bags and lots of waste containers. The park is completely fenced in and surrounds a lovely little lake with an island in the center. The only thing that I found frustrating this winter was the ICE- the trails were challenging to say the least- even my dogs had difficulty. Some dog owners aren't great about being aware of their dog's behaviors, and sometimes, it's a little scary; however, I must say that most dog parents are terrific about watching and caring for their companions. The lake is open in the summer for doggy diving and ball chasing and their is a "beach-like" area on one side where the dogs love to gather. Their are also people potties, and rescue materials in case a dog ventures out too far on the lake. The lake had fencing around it this winter, to prevent venturing out on the ice, although some dogs found their way just fine. The park is monitored by the local police and dogs must be licensed to go in the park. There are houses on one side of the park, and their are a couple quiet zones that need to be respected. There is also a "dinky-dog" play area within the bigger park specific to the little ones who wouldn't fare well the the danes, labs and pits... All in all this is a terrific place for people and their dogs- A note of caution- small children may be frightened when the park is full, as the dogs are excitable and tend to run. Strollers for infants and toddlers are not allowed-


    Wide open spaces for dog play and investigation


    some dog parents don't watch their dogs as well as they could

  • 2. Fun for the dogs

    by: coppergirl

    The Soldan dog park is a very nice place. It has woods for dogs to run through and well packed trails for owners to walk along. The fencing is tall and very sturdy. There is a lake in the middle for the doggies to swim. There is an area for small dogs too, but a lot of people still bring them into the main area. One downside is sometimes people don't really pay attention to what their dogs are up to and ensuring good behavior. This also means that not everybody picks up after their dogs. Another downfall, at least for last summer, were the bees. Over by the bathrooms, people were often getting stung.


    secure, well organized


    irresponsible owners

  • 3. Great place for the dogs

    by: RenataMae

    The Soldan Park is a wonderful place for dogs to play. With a lake and trails as well as a large open play area complete with running water, it is a dog paradise. Most owners are very responsible about bringing socially adjusted dogs. Its a joy to see so many dogs of various sizes and breeds play together.\r\n


    Dog freedom to run



  • 4. Watch your dogs!!

    by: gogreengowhite07

    The idea of this park is wonderful. There are not many places that provide a service to pet owners in the lansing area. On a normal walk through Scott Woods park (which backs up to the Soldan dog park) I cam upon this enclosed area for pets. Having not been aware of its existence, I was curious and decided to take Lilly in. I'm still uncomfortable letting Lilly off the leash, because I'm a courteous owner and want to ensure that Lilly is under my control at all times. Some of the owners in this park we not even watching their dogs! While walking Lilly, there were several big dogs who approached us and made me nervous, I looked around for their owners who were no where to be found. \r\n\r\nI think that this park is a wonderful idea, and I'm sad that some people are not responsible and respectful pet owners. The area is nice, and there is a level pathway to walk dogs. The fence is secure and there is also a pond. I hope to take Lilly again, I think that it would be a great place for her to gain some confidence socially. \r\n\r\n


    large enclosed area, pick up bags provided, secure fence


    some owners fail to watch their dogs