Snug pet resort

11339 sorrento valley rd.
San diego, CA 92121

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  • 1. Don't take your dogs to SNUG

    by: JoeGold

    My experience with snug started with SNUG over 7 months ago and everything has now come to a head. We brought our 2 dogs there at first for a 3 week training at a cost of around $1800 per dog this was much more than other facilities but the premises were incredible and we looked at the price as a "get what you pay for" type of a deal. We were promised 100% on and off leash obedience and that did not happen but we were sold a shock collar to zap the beagle puppy into submission when he wanted to do his own thing (OUCH!) . We were told that we would get a weekly update from the training staff and after the 1st week had heard nothing. This was a big deal for my fiancé since her 5 year old Chihuahua had never even been boarded before so after 4 or 5 phone calls she got a call back from someone at the front desk saying that the dogs were fine. That's it no training update or anything else. The next week we got a completely generic e-mail saying that our dog (that right didn't even use plural) was doing well and learning a lot. After this my fiancé was very upset and went to check on the dogs. She was greeted by the front desk staff just saying that the dogs were fine while treating her like a crazy overprotective dog lady the whole time! We just wanted an update which we were promised!! When it was time to bring the dogs home they made us pick them up from the back door and treated them like lepers because they had BOTH contracted kennel cough while they were there. After this we still used them for boarding which is another bad scene. One of their rules is that all dogs being boarded there must have an up to date fecal done every 6 months so that parasites are not brought in from the outside. This sounds like a good plan because who wants to bring home a sick dog when you dropped off a healthy one. They have a vet onsite so the test can be done while the dog is there so its a one stop shop. We noticed that almost EVERY time we wanted to board them they said that we needed the test (this was $21 but is now over $40) and the only reason that I noticed is when they told me that the Beagle puppy was due for another test, his 3rd and he was still under a year old. When I disputed the need the lady on the phone was rude and condescending and only after I asked her to look at his birth date and see it was impossible for him to need another done she agreed and they took him without the test. Almost every time that I have scheduled the dogs after that time they still say that they are both due and a telephone battle ensues. They have also lost and not found the beagles collar 2 times while he was boarding with them In the past I was over charged for both dogs and when I pointed it out I was told that a credit for boarding was easier that a return to my credit card so I went with that. When bringing the dogs back there was NO record of the credit, imagine that. Then again this morning when I went to pick up my dog there was a mystery charge on the bill. When I asked what it was for I was told that It was for a daycare 2 months ago that they say was not paid for and was. Then after having my fiancé track down her credit card bill from it and bringing it to their attention they made up another reason why I owed them money and after a small back and forth in the lobby while other clients were bringing in their dogs I think just to quiet me down they said that it was their error. DO NOT BRING YOUR DOGS TO SNUG!! most people are so happy to pick up their furry kids they just swipe the credit card and go on with their day not knowing that this place has a culture of overcharging on top of already top dollar pet care prices!


    The Facility is great


    the staff and service is NOT