Snap san antonio surgery and wellness clinic

6758 ingram rd
San antonio, TX 78238

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Low cost spaying

    by: tigua

    I took my kitten Greeneyes to the Snap vets to be spayed. It was a great experience. It was a crowded place on the Saturday I went but the staff were very organized and everything ran smoothly. I left her there in the morning and picked her up in the evening. She did extremely well and had no complications. The staff were gentle with her and the other animals I saw them handling and I felt comfortable leaving her. I think this place is wonderful. It is great care and most reasonable. They also spay & neuter wild cats if you catch them and then you can release them back into the place where you caught them so there will be less uncared for pets in the world. I wish there were more places like Snap. I refer everyone I can to them. They also have special days when you can neuter cats for a nickel! They also give shots at a discounted price.


    Low cost, knowledgeable, excellent care


    crowded on Saturdays

  • 2. Pay the extra money and go to your own vet

    by: iopele

    My German Shepherd puppy, Bella, was spayed at this clinic. She had complications that night with crying every time she breathed or moved, and it took the on-call vet more than an hour to call me back. She actually called right as I was getting ready to take Bella to the Animal Emergency Room on Fredricksburg Road.\n\nTwo days later, Bella's incision came open and a lot of bloody pus came out. I called the emergency number again, four times over a 90 minute period, with no response. I called the SNAP Clinic number instead of the emergency number and left 3 messages there, too. I put the dog in the car, took the kids to day care, and called my regular vet (VCA Oak Hills on Babcock and 410) as soon as they opened to take her in. Dr. Gunther said they'd see me as soon as I could get there, no problem.\n\nWell, the emergency on-call SNAP vet *finally* called me back nearly 3 hours after I first started calling. She dismissed my concern out of hand, told me I should've kept Bella from licking the incision, and rudely told me I was wrong or lying when I said Bella hadn't *been* licking the incision. I was told that I wasn't taking good care of the wound and told her that I'm a surgical nurse, I know how to take care of an incision, and I know what surgical complications look like. This was also just blown off. I said, "I want you to look at her because I'm really worried. I want to come in today." She said, "We don't need to see her. Just get an e-collar for her and she'll be fine." Needless to say, this didn't satisfy me so I kept driving to my usual vet.\n\nAs I was pulling into the VCA parking lot, the receptionist from the SNAP clinic returned my call and said I could come in today. I told her that their on-call vet had been very rude and told me they didn't want to see Bella, so who should I believe? I also told her that if that emergency on-call vet was who I'd see, I'd rather skip it. The receptionist was very nice and when I said I was pulling into my regular vet right now, she asked if I would please let her know what Dr. G said about Bella. I agreed and took Bella to see Dr. G.\n\nWell, Dr. G examined Bella and found that she had a high fever and signs of a massive infection. Bella had to be sedated so Dr. G could clean out the wound and re-suture it so the deeper layers of muscle didn't come open, too. Those big mattress-sutures were very tight and painful, but there was no alternative at that point. Bella had to be sedated for a few days to keep her from straining those new sutures, on pain meds for 5 days, and on twice-daily antibiotics for 10 days. I called the SNAP emergency line and left a message saying all this, and also left a message at the SNAP clinic saying that this had cost me $200 and since they'd declined to see me for the post-surgical complications they say they'll take care of, I wanted to know who to send the bill to. No one has ever called me back or responded to my calls about getting some of this bill paid, so it all came out of pocket.\n\nSo do yourself and your pet a big favor and go to your regular vet to get the spay or neuter surgery. Don't go to the SNAP clinic. I wanted to save thirty bucks by using SNAP instead of VCA and ended up paying $200 extra. Bella's fine now, which is the most important thing, but I am still very, very angry at how SNAP dismissed Bella's complications and implied that I was overreacting and not taking proper care of the wound.


    low cost


    poor customer service, poor response to emergencies, rude on-call staff