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103 currans rd
Middle island, NY
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  • 1. Smitty's - Best Place for our dogs

    by: ironbull

    In the past, we boarded our dogs at Commack Animal hospital (too small) and PetSmart Pet Hotel (dogs never go outside). We were looking for an alternative. \n\nWe checked out Willow Pet Hotel, but it seemed too chaotic & a bit dirty. There were 50 dogs at close quarters barking incessantly. However, the staff was friendly & seemed well-informed.\n\nWe decided to do an internet search & came up with Smitty's. We discovered that some celebrities had left their dogs there & figured that in itself was a good recommendation. The only problem was that it's located in Middle Island & a bit of a haul to get out there from Commack.\n\nWell, my wife & I were really happy with our selection. First, the kennel was spacious compared to any other place we checked out. Second, Smitty (the owner) is extremely knowledgeable about animals. He even gave us some tips on how to save money with our vet. Finally, the place was spotless & tranquil.\n\nWhen we picked up our dogs, they were clean & in relatively good spirits. I would highly recommend Smitty's especially if you're going away for an extended vacation.


    Extremely clean & relatively spacious for a kennel


    Far from LIE