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  • 1. How Caring Can A Vet Be?

    by: ztT4MP59771532

    This vet refused to see an injured animal because the last time this dog was attacked (2X in our own yard by loose dogs-bad luck for this pup) we questioned him as we thought we actually might know about our own dog and said we left our daughter. Yes because they kept us waiting so long I had to pick up a son at a baseball practice down the street. The girl was 12 years old and president of her school and very responsible. They were rude to her when they were demanding their payment and we had the nerve to be "late" getting back. This dog had to wait until 4:00 to find another vet (5 hours) as ours was closed on Mondays. I am shocked at their lack of concern. We paid them and met every part of our contract last time. I think people should know this vet refused to see a bleeding, dying animal. She is doing well and we went to AAA Animal Hospital in Corona. They were by far cheaper and very professional. This dog is owned by the girl that was left with her that day and she wanted me to let others know what happened.


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