Smith David Dvm

957 Dick
Buffalo, NY 14225

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  • 1. The greatest Dr There is!!!!!!!!!

    by: slivers

    On Jan 1, 2007 I found a growth in my little Tigers mouth! Needless to say i was beside myself especially because it was a holiday. The next morning I called Cheektowaga Vets and they told me to bring him right in. Dr Smith saw my little guy and said it was difficult to tell what was going on because - a cat being a cat - he didn't like having his mouth looked at very closely. Dr Smith said he would have to anesatize Tiger to get a good look at the mass and they would do it that afternoon (since tiger had already eaten that morning). I picked Tiger up at 6 pm that night. Dr Smith removed the mass and Tiger had done very well but the biopsy report wouldn't be back for several days and Dr Smith would call me right away. Four days later Dr Smith called and was so happy to give me a great report that everything was OK and the mass had been caused by a spider bite (Tiger loves to catch bugs and eat them)!!!!! The whole staff and especially Dr Smith were so great - and I was really a nervous wreck!!! I would and do recommend this Vet Hospital to all my friends. All the Drs there are wounderful!!


    A wonderfulplace where everyone treats your pet like their own!!


    There are NO cons in my view