Small Animal Massage

N2902 Kutz Rd
Fort Atkinson, WI 53538

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  • 1. relaxed dog

    by: jakesmyboy

    My 9 year old lab had a massage and did he enjoy it. He is a little stiff when he first gets up and I just wanted to see what a massage could do for him> He truly enjoyed it and he had a real restful sleep that night after his massage. I suggest it for any older dog.


    dog benefits



  • 2. small animal care

    by: reneeb8888

    Small animal massage is at ground level and very few offer the service. It is great for pre-op and post-op situations, for unsure animals that need a little cofidence, and of course, for animals with structural issues with their bodies.\r\nThe sessions last as long as the animal allows, and for this reason one never knows exactly how to book the appt. \r\nSports massage is also offered for the agility, racing, or show dogs to aid them in being at their peak during performance. \r\nSmall animal massage is an extremely rewarding job, and the clients provide much affection for a job well done.


    Animals love it


    Very few are trained to offer the service