Skyway Pet Hospital

7334 Skyway Blvd
Paradise, CA 95969

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. :)

    by: surreptitiousvixen

    So I admit bias right away- I'm married to the owners son.\r\n\r\nBut I also admit that once I'd gone there once, I wouldn't take my pets anywhere else. I know that they care about the animals. I know they do whatever they can to make sure that your pet doesn't experience pain during procedures. I know they keep learning the newest procedures, and keep modern equipment. I know that the staff is exceptionally dedicated. \r\n\r\nAnd recently, I've seen them pull off something that I didn't think was possible. One of their own pets was attacked by probably a wild animal, they found this cat really torn up, but it was alive so they did surgery and still more surgery. Even after having done all this surgery it was uncertain whether or not a cat this badly injured could survive. \r\n\r\nUnbelievably, this cat is alive and looking so much better. Once her fur finally grows back I doubt anyone will be able to know anything happened to her. Realistically, if they didn't care about these animals they would have put this one down, it's change at survival did not look good. But instead they did everything they could to save it.\r\n\r\nAnd that is exactly the type of Vet I want my pets to go to. Luckily enough with my inside perspective, I KNOW this is the place to go. I'm confident that they provide the best care and best procedures available for my pets.


    Great certifications, extremely knowledgable staff, they care what happens to your pet


    They are not in my town. Have to drive 30 minutes away to get to them.

  • 2. Friendly front staff, but so so everything else

    by: chicinmudd

    When I first adopted my dog I took him here because when you adopt an animal from the shelter where I got him the pet gets there first exam free and this vet was on the free exam list.\n The front staff was great whenever I took Barkley and Barkley liked visiting with the ladies. He was always a gentlemen, until he got to the back room. He was always scared for some reason (he's never scared at our new vet). I never remember seeing an actual vet. When we got bills we got double charged for things and when we had to go in for the same exact procedure as the last time we came in, the billing was different. The office visit was also more expensive. \n Then there's the bad kenneling incident. I had to leave Barkley overnight and a trauma dog came in and they put that dog right next to my poor dog. Well my dog could smell the other dog all bloody and he just went nuts and the staff said they had to sedate him. I couldn't believe they put a trauma dog next to a boarding kennel!!! \n I decided to find someplace cheaper and where EVERYONE was friendly and my dog wouldn't be scared.


    good front staff


    never saw the vet, double charged, bad kennel incident

  • 3. Nice facility

    by: Marleydog

    We picked-up a pet for someone. She alerted the staff that we would be there and they greeted us as if we were the client! Very nice and professional. Gave us full, understandable directions, along with the necessary meds. The veterinarian spoke with us, we weren't just given the dog & sent out the door.\r\n\r\nWe observed some other interactions while we waited briefly, seemed very positive. I was impressed with this office.


    Helpful, good parking


    None noted