Silver springs animal clinic

5 sample bridge road
Mechanicsburg, PA 17050

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    by: cindyberger

    DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE USEING THEM. Check out other review sites and talk with people who have used them. They will transport your animal for surgery to the Palmyra Animal Clinic and then transport it back for your pick up. They are losing pets in transport per disgruntled former employees and all the reviews you will see with your research. Dr. Clements is rude and arrogant. he has screwed up and killed more pets mysteriously then I can even shake a stick at! After surgery, your pet needs a quite safe place to rest. not pulled off oxygen and iv too soon and put into the back of a bumpy truck unmonitored. He also owns Palmyra Animal Clinic and Colonial Park Animal Clinic. With all the horrible reviews and people I have talked with that haven't even put reviews on the internet that are horrified, how can these places still be in




    need to be out of business

  • 2. Silver Springs Animal Clinic is #1 in my book!

    by: Bearden829

    I could not be happier with this clinic! When my Daisy broke her leg I called everywhere. No one was interested in seeing her after hours immediately. They either did not call back or they could not promise to see her. \r\nThis clinics emergency service is their sister clinic in Palmyra. They called me back with in 10 minutes and saw Daisy immediately! The care from Dr. Hann was wonderful and he was extremely patient and caring. My follow up visits for X-rays to see how the healing progressed were not over charged with tacked on office visits ect. \r\nThese clinics give wonderful care and are contientious of your wallet at the same time. I must say their main concern is the animals and not how much they can make on them!


    Immediate emergency care!