Shores Animal Hospital

3811 Nw 13Th Street
Gainesville, FL 32609

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. Overall good experience

    by: leonardk

    I had my dog's teeth cleaned there and at the same time they gave him his vaccinations, heartworm test, ground his nails, and I bought heart worm and flea medicine. \r\nThe staff person I spoke to was very helpful when I called to get a feel for prices and she gave me a complete estimate over the phone.\r\nThe staff were friendly when I arrived but at times they would speak over each other and contradict one another. I appreciated that Dr. Shores called as soon as the surgery was done. \r\nWhen I came to pick my dog up, there was miscommunication between some of the staff which resulted in overcharges. Luckily I noticed that the charges were very different from the estimate so I caught it and they removed the extra charges without any fuss.\r\nOverall I thought they did a good job and I will continue to bring my dog there.\r\n


    Did very thorough job


    Miscommunication about bill

  • 2. Dr. Shores is very dedicated!

    by: KatieF352

    My family has been going to Dr. Shores for quite some time, and he is always professional, warm, and knowledgable. It's reassuring to have him right down the street should our pets ever need anything!


    Dr. Shores is an awesome, experienced vet!


    None with Dr. Shores

  • 3. Good care, very reasonable prices

    by: chix96

    The staff was courteous and the wait was pretty minimal. I liked that I was able to get in and out with my cat's annual without a lot of haranguing about wellness exams and extra tests (although I did have bloodwork done on my request). However, it was so laid-back that I would be concerned that some pets aren't receiving screening tests that they perhaps should.


    Prices reasonable, staff and vets don't try to "sell" additonal services


    Because they don't push additional tests and services, it's quite possible that a pet who should be receiving an uncommon test will not.

  • 4. great vet

    by: pattimouse

    Doctor Shores is very dedicated to his profession. He has a heart for animals not just for his clients, but for the animals at the shelter. He has donated much needed equipment so the shelter can provide better service to the animals that come in to the facility. H is one of the best.


    he will hepl just about any one


    Can't think of any