Shoal Creek Animal Clinic

2226 Barnett Shoals Road
Athens, GA 30605

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Wish he were MY doctor!

    by: ddorena

    This clinic has my loyalty forever. I've been a client of Dr. Askren for over 15 years and can't envision switching to another vet. During that time this clinic has helped me with numerous dogs and cats that I've owned and/or fostered for adoption. Dr. Askren is adept at diagnosing illness and disease, or at least having suspicions that lead to diagnosis, and he explains health concerns and treatment options in very clear terms (usually with diagrams). I often feel like I'm receiving one-on-one tutoring on pet care, and that helps me make informed decisions about medical treatment for my pets. Good veterinarians, in addition to knowing about veterinary care, also know how to treat their people-clients with compassion and respect. Shoal Creek Animal Clinic excels in both arenas.


    They educate the owners in addition to treating pets


    Haven't found a concern in 15 years of using this clinic

  • 2. I love Shoal Creek

    by: vestarita

    My two cats have been patients of Shoal Creek Animal Clinic for only a year now, but the attention that they receive from Dr. Askren and his staff is the best of any vet I've been to. Just before New Year's Day last year one of my cats needed to be taken in to have some emergency x-rays done, and the other veterinarian on duty stayed an hour later than she needed to during the holiday to attend to my cat. The staff always treats my pets as if they are their own, with kindness and compassion. When I took my cats for their annual physical exam and vaccinations last year Dr. Askren took the time to explain to me the different types of parasites that cats can get and what the different vaccinations do to prevent them. His utmost concern is for the welfare of the pet and he makes sure to explain all your options instead of trying to sell you a service you may not need.


    friendly, knowledgable staff