Sherwood Family Pet Clinic

15970 Sw Tralitin-Sherwood Rd
Sherwood, OR 97140

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. My Pets Go There Now

    by: desings1982

    The facility is very clean and they have recently added more space. The staff are very helpful and friendly. I have taken both my cats there for checkups and one unknown problem which still hasn't been solved though the symptoms have stopped. They have a program for dogs which supports weight loss. They have a scale available so you can bring in your dog, weigh them and document without making an appointment. My pets aren't use to traveling and are nervous when they arrive. Though they are kind and gentle with them, my pets are still nervous when the exam begins. I'm spoiled by a previous vet who would wait until the fur would stop floating in the air and the cat would go to her. Recently their pet food had a very large hike in price.


    The staff are friendly and helpful.


    They focus little on waiting for the pet to feel comfortable with their surroundings.

  • 2. Experience was postive

    by: danielai

    We went here several years ago and saw Dr. Woodside. I liked her and I liked the staff. Our cats needed dental cleanings and extractions and they did a good job with all of it. Although there are many clinics with higher prices, they do fall at the high end.


    Knowledgable doctors, good education



  • 3. awesome place!!!

    by: pixiegirl1993

    i love htis pet clinic!! i know Dr. Bob and my dad's eye clinic is right next door to the clinic! the service is great and they have great staff members! the facility is clean, organized and was just remodeled. this is an awesome place and i recommend it to anyone with a pet.


    great facility, great staff, awesome doctor bob!!


    it is all the way out in sherwood and i live in hillsboro!!

  • 4. moved on

    by: KatRaz

    My experience with this vet office is fortunately just one of feeling like they weren't able to treat my dog - just collect my money. The fortunate part is my dog wasn't seriously ill so the only damage done was the loss of my business and recommendation.




    unhappy customer

  • 5. Very Good Vets & concerned staff

    by: CatherineSena

    We really like this vet! We switched to them after our regular vet could not see our extremely sick pet for 5 days. I called SFPC and they could see us that afternoon. They did numerous test and found they problem. I did not feel their services cost anymore than the other vet offices in our area. Recently we had to put one of our beastie girls to sleep and they were very helpful. The staff were all very sensitive to our and our pets needs.


    Appointments available for sick pets


    RX re-fills can take a few hours (not really a problem unless you are in a hurry)

  • 6. Changed vet

    by: brownjudy

    I used to take my cats here. A few yrs ago one of my cats was very ill. When it was apparent to all kitty didn't have long to live....they wanted to continue to run expensive,invasive tests that only satisfied their needs ...not the quality of life of my pet. When challenged they tried the guilt trip....with..well you want to know what she had don't you?




    Bottom line more important than animal

  • 7. we switched

    by: KatRas

    I used to take my dog to this vet but stopped when they failed to determine why my dog was loosing hair around her eyes. they charged me for some tests and still weren't able to determine the cause.... \r\n\r\n


    clean and convenient


    felt they couldn't diagnose

  • 8. Very good!

    by: Alliecat123

    They're a great and knowlegable staff but man are they expensive!


    They know what they're doing


    They charge up the butt!

  • 9. Awesome Vets!

    by: debbiewagar

    I have a cat with an enlarged heart that has had all kinds of health problems. Sherwood Family Pet Clinic has been wonderful in helping to determine treatment for the various illnesses she has had. Dr. Tammy Tomschin has been especially helpful. I would recommend this pet clinic to anyone.


    Very nice, knowledgeable, helpful


    None I can think of