Shenk carney s veterinarian

3761 derry street
Harrisburg, PA 17111
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Would Not Recommend

    by: Charis

    I was able to get an appointment the same day I called this hospital but now know that is because he does not provide good service. The office staff were fighting and the doctor came in late even though I was the first afternoon appointment. He looked like he just woke up. He did not listen to what I thought was wrong with my dog and sent me home to get a urine sample. My dog got much worse and I had to take him to the emergency clinic way down in York to be seen. That was very expensive; especially after I had paid a $52 office bill to Dr. Shenk for nothing. I would skip this one.




    Dirty Office

  • 2. Very nice but old fashioned

    by: SibMom

    I've been taking my pets to Dr. Carney for over 2 years now. While he is extremely nice, very friendly and absolutely loves animals, I feel he is old fashioned in his practice of Vet Medicine. After spending months on which kind of food was best for my Siberian Husky, he told me Purina One was just as good as the expensive stuff and that I was wasting my money. He always treats all our animals ailments with the same treatment... cephalexan... saying they most likely had a virus that turned into a bacterial infection. I find his staff impersonal and am amazed after 2 years and 4 animals his staff still does not know my name when I come in. To reiterate, Dr. Carney is very nice and caring though.


    Very warm and caring


    Staff impersonal

  • 3. I also would not recommend this vet

    by: patbow

    I went to this office about eight years ago with my now deceased cat, Wesley. I just recently moved to the area and was looking for a new vet and went to this office. The first visit was okay, they did seem uncaring and distracted. About four months later, my cat started losing dramatic amount of weight. I called and was not able to get an appointment for at least a week. When I did get in I was told that it was too late for my cat, he needed to be put down, he had renal failure. I had him for five years and was really upset. I agreed. He then told me the charge, which seemed very high, but what choice did I have? I asked if I could be billed, I was crying and very upset and was told if I didn't pay right then and there, I had to take the cat home. Since I do not carry that amount of cash with me, and at the time they would not take my American Express, the only card I had with me that day, I had to leave, go get money and go back. Needles to say, that was the last visit I made there. I know have two cats and two dogs and go to another vet.


    Not sure


    Are not caring