Shelton animal shelter

20 riverdale ave P.o box 2036
Shelton, CT 06484
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Caring rescuers

    by: MishaCT

    We adopted our Jack from Shelton. The staff there knew him well, were honest about who he is and care very much for all their pets in need of homes. At first I was a bit hesitant about the staff; they seemed as if they were hestitant to let us adopt. As soon as I got to know them a bit, I realized they care very much about their foundlings and want the best match possible for them. They do all they can to keep the pets happy and comfortable and I never saw them give up on any for any reason. They're also very honest about who the pet is and their needs. Our Jack is a very special guy and I'm very grateful to them for all the care they gave him before he came to us and his forever home.


    put pet needs first, honest about pets


    may be off-putting until one realizes they put pets first

  • 2. Shelton Animal Shelter thumbs up

    by: vgrs52

    The people at the Shelton animal shelter are friendly and very loving with the animals. We found a dog in our neighborhood which did not have tags. They were able to find the owner and let us know that all was well with dog and owner.


    Very considerate, proactive in finding owners of lost pets


    old building, in need of repair

  • 3. My first shelter...

    by: trojo1521

    The Shelton Animal Shelter was my first experience with an animal shelter. I have since moved out of CT, but still wish them all the best. With most municipal shelters, they do the best they can with the low funds and lots of animals.


    Helping the animals of Shelton


    A city shelter without enough $$$