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London, OH 43140
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. nice place

    by: mcginnis1901

    All of the vets we have had there have taken excellent care of my two dogs. They have been kind and gentle and even let me tour the whole facility so I would feel comfortable leaving my dog there to be spayed. I do miss only having one vet who has known my dogs since I have.


    very knowledgable and kind


    miss having just one vet

  • 2. Loved by all our babies, past & present.

    by: jclauterbach

    For the ten years that we have taken our animals to them they have cared, loved and mourned with us. I could not ask for anything more from a trusted vet clinic!


    Caring, knowledgeable staff.


    Can't think of a thing.

  • 3. All of my children love Sheffields

    by: ccalis

    We have loved taking my three dogs and four cats. Dr. Weiscup helped us through our dear Cheyenne's passing. All the Dr's are extremely helpful and are very willing to help me fit in if I need an appointment.


    custormer service


    they don't see birds.. but that's okay

  • 4. Great Vets!

    by: dhy

    We've had all the vets and like the way they treat our animals!


    Very caring!



  • 5. I miss Dr. Buck

    by: JulieKaySmiths0n

    I was a customer before it was Sheffield, when Dr. Buck would come out and treat my horses. When the building was new, I took my Siberian Huskies for regular vet care, neutering, etc. Throughout the 90s, I've been in and seen Drs. Knowles and LaForge. \r\n\r\nThere are two things that caused me to change vets. One, having a cat there to greet folks, when there are dogs and cats that are ill, stressed, distressed or otherwise not happy about being greeted so effusively, is I don't think as professional as I'd like. Cats are fine and having one there is okay, too, but my dog is blind and got startled by having something just "appear" out of the blue and rub up against him. \r\n\r\nTwo, the cleanliness factor. I understand the perpetual need for cleaning as such places, but have felt things 'slipping' a bit in the cleanliness department. I've got a pretty sensitive nose, and smelling the smell of infection almost triggers my gag reflex. I smelled that smell on two separate occasions, in different areas of the facility. \r\n\r\nOnce I checked out the boarding facility and, though it was my first (and only) time to check out any such place, my love of peace and quiet was rudely disturbed by the barking and 'echo' effect of lots of concrete surfaces. I could never leave my pet in a place with so much racket -- he's as used to quiet as me! So, I can't and won't pass judgement regarding the boarding part of the facility.\r\n\r\nThe vets are all right and the staff is nice, too. It's just a preference thing. After about fifteen years, it was just time to move on to a place I felt better about.


    close, handy, local


    office cat greeting, cleanliness a bit below my taste

  • 6. Great place

    by: ilovemel

    Dr Julie is great; takes her time w/Mel. Rest of staff is caring.


    I want to give it 5 stars but I don't know what to click!


    Have never encountered any problems

  • 7. Great vet practice with excellent customer service

    by: kaythecritternanny

    This is a practice that I have used for many years. I first went there with puppies from the Pilot Dog program in the London prison. When I moved to London, I began taking my own pets there.\nThe staff is very friendly and professional and I like that there are several vets who can confer if there any questions.


    Easy to get appointment quickly



  • 8. I have gone here

    by: sarahk10

    In the past this had been my vet of choice. The staff was always very helpful and friendly. The facility is clean and you did not have to wait very long to bee seen. The only reason that I changed vets is that when I got my first cat after moving I decided to call around for prices and they were more expensive than other vets nearby.


    very friendly helpful staff


    more expensive than some other vets

  • 9. Benji loves Sheffield Veterinary Hospital

    by: Grandmatoo

    Benji is 15 years old and has been going to Sheffield for 12 years. He likes all the vets and even stays overnight if we go out of town and he cannot go with us. They take very good care of him.


    Gentle care



  • 10. Local vet

    by: peytonplace2001

    My Dad had always had Dr. Buck as his vet for the family pets. He like Dr. Buck because he was a down to earth gentleman. I would say Dad went to Dr. Buck for over 40 years. Dr. Buck had help start Sheffield.\n\nI starting going to Sheffield after leaving London Animal Hospital who could not find out what was wrong with Freya. So I went to Sheffield for a second opinion and stayed. That was around 1989. \n\nI stayed with Sheffield Vet Hospital until 2006. I made the switch to VCA Mill Run for several reasons. But the main reason is Sheffield will not give the Humane Society any discount. I think they could give a discount since the Humane Society is a non profit and could write off the service. However, they will not. \n\nVCA Mill Run does give the HSMC a discount and also a couple of their vets will come to the shelter and do general exams for no charge.\n\nI like a vet clinic who understands the HSMC and is willing to help the homeless animals.


    local, clean,


    will not help the HSMC

  • 11. Nice local vet clinic

    by: gpeyton2001

    We had used Sheffield for our personal pets from about 1989 until 2006. We always got good service and help for our personal pets. They never did treat us bad.\n\nHowever, Sheffield had quit helping the Humane Society. We had a spay/neuter program, they dropped that in 2002. We had received a discount. They quit that in 2003. Then they gave us $1,000 in free service and meds. We could take over 10 animals from the shelter and we would be over the amount. They charged us office call, exam, full price on everything. Then at the end of 2004, no discount, no free money, no nothing.\n\nThat really hurt the HSMC bad. We did not have the funds to proper care for the animals with no discount, no vet support. \n\nIn 2006, we met Dr. Tod Beckett and his staff and fell in love with VCA Hospitals. Dr. Joe Bando and Dr. Horne would come to the shelter every other week for general exams. They drove over 30 minutes to help the HSMC. They give discounts for surgeries. They are a HUGE help to the HSMC.\n\nIn 2007, we had an emergency at the prison. My wife had to go get a dog who swallowed a hand ball. You could see it, but not reach it. She called Sheffield on the way to the prison to pick up the dog. She wanted to give them a heads up. They told her "take it to Capital Referral Emergency Service in Columbus." This was a 30 minute drive where Sheffield was only 8 minutes. She drove like a mad woman to VCA Mill Run. She had called ahead and told them the problem. Dr. Horne and staff were waiting in the lobby for her. \n\nThe ball was removed in less than 5 minutes with foresups after giving the dog a sedatitive. The charge for this emergency to the HSMC. $19.00 for the sedatitive.\n\nMy wife made the switch to VCA Mill Run for our personal pets. I have talked to several of the Drs. at VCA Mill Run and only a couple at VCA Sawmill. I like them alot. They have done wonders. Any emergency, they are right where with a phone call. They have never said, go somewhere else.\n\nSo for a local vet clinic, Sheffield is better than the others. But I like vets who support the HSMC. So we go to VCA Mill Run.


    local to me


    not help the Humane Society

  • 12. Overcharge

    by: shannondaisy

    When I have called around to check prices on services, medication, etc., they are always significantly higher.


    friendly staff


    over priced

  • 13. House call to lay Dobe to rest

    by: bayerminimum

    We had a 14 year old Doberman whom was suffering from a stroke. She mustered the strength to climb into "Daddy's" chair, and lay down. She loved the chair because it has a heater and she was always cold. I knew it was time to say goodbye to this loyal friend, yet I did not want to do it in a office. She needed to be home. I called Dr Knowles and he bent the rules for this patient of so many years. He made a house call. Bare Dog was given a shot to relax her before she was put down. She left us with a huge hole, but she filled our hearts with memories. Thanks to Sheffield for saving us the pain of moving her out of her home in her last moments.


    compasionate staff


    only treats small animals, we have a farm

  • 14. Wonderful!

    by: mporte25

    I have worked in a vet office before and am particular with my babies. I am thrilled to have found Sheffield. The vets, the staff are all so nice and remember me and, more importantly, my animals when we come in. Good people!


    Caring, personable staff.



  • 15. Sheffield is a wonderful animal hospital.

    by: goldenjake

    My pets have received quality care here for years and I am very impressed with the staff. They have become my friends and partners in the care of my animals, and I highly recommend them.


    Well trained, caring staff; beautiful facility



  • 16. One stop pet services.

    by: jabubet

    Our family has used Sheffield since before it was Sheffield! Drs. Heath & Buck used to be right down the street from our house on First St. I remember taking a pet to the evening office hours which were forst some first served. You just showed up. That was NICE! It wasn't that long ago, as I'm only 41!\r\n\r\n Anyway, present day Sheffield is very organized. They usually have a cat(s) or kitten(s) that are in the office ready to be adopted. Of course I always want to take them home, but can't because I have a BIG family of cats myself! \r\n\r\n The only thing that I wish is that spaying & neutering services were a little less pricey. I realize that they are lower than alot of other places in central Ohio, but when you have multi cats out of a single litter (which I've had on several occasions) to be "fixed", I was forced to find a nice clinic about 20 miles away that I could afford. Very inconvenient, but more in my budget. Sorry guys!\r\n\r\n Anyway, Dr. Marshall is a doll! He's so caring & down to earth!\r\n\r\n All the staff are friendly & knowledgable! It's nice that there's a groomer on site too.


    Convenient. Broad range of office hours.


    Spaying & neutering a little pricey.

  • 17. Sheffield is Great

    by: Trixie21

    The staff at Sheffield is extremely nice and knowledgeable, and above all, they are caring! My family has taken their pets there for longer than I have even been alive! They are willing to go above and beyond to provide great health care for our pets. They are willing to do alternative treatment options, like giving our cat Prozac for spraying problems. They also have taken care of injured animals like my frog and a stray duck one time. Every vet there is excellent! We love Sheffield!


    Fast service, great staff, willing to go above and beyond normal services.