Sheboygan animal hospital

1839 erie avenue
Sheboygan, WI 53081

User Reviews (1)

  • 1. Great with cats, dogs, and exotics!

    by: Naturestee

    The vets are: John Travis, Deborah Dedering, Carolin Winter, and Heather Bixler. All of them have treated my animals at some point or another. Dr. Travis is very highly recommended by many people and has a great reputation here.\n\nDr. Winter has the least rabbit experience, although she can do basic spay/neuter surgeries and is the go-to girl for ferrets. Dr. Dedering has treated my rabbits several times and Dr. Bixler takes care of my foster bun Luna who has chronic molar spurs. Dr. Travis is great with rabbits but apparently doesn't do dentals. He will do everything he can to squeeze in an animal in an emergency, including Sprite when she was dying and a bun I was transporting who had a sudden medical problem.\n\nEveryone I know in this area who has birds or guinea pigs takes them here.\n\nThe staff have been very kind and professional, and the prices are great, especially for an exotic vet. I've heard that Milwaukee area shelters send cash-strapped rabbit people up here because it's still a good deal even with the time and gas from driving.


    Good with rabbits! Recommended by many workers at local shelter.


    Busy and sometimes hard to get in.