Sequoia humane society

6073 loma avenue
Eureka, CA 95503
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Quality care and humane treatment for all

    by: ezpetid

    I have been a supporter of Sequoia Humane Society for several years, My company donates to them because the staff cares and the animals are kept clean, The are a no kill shelter and that has always been important to me. The staff is knowledgeable and every animal at their facility is healthy and happy, of course they would be happier if someone adopted them and took them to their forever home. Kelley B., President


    Care about the animals, prudent in selecting new adoptees


    none I can think of

  • 2. Great place to adopt a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    by: jessyolesh

    I work as a volunteer at the SHS. What a great place to adopt a dog. There is a part time dog trainer on staff who works with the dogs and also trains the volunteers. The goal is that the dogs will be semi-trained (sit, heel, walk on leash, socialized, etc.) by the time their new families take them home. What a great idea!!!! I love being a part of these dogs lives and helping to assure their adopting families will love them as well.


    Adopt a trained dog


    Need a makeover!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 3. Sequoia Humane Society....the best

    by: LS

    I volunteer as a foster mom to newborn kittens and I have been overwhelmed by the care and concern of the staff and all of the volunteers for the animals in the shelter.\r\nThe facility is old but its cheerful, spacious and very clean. Everyone knows each pet's name and history. Its simply amazing and I can't thank them enough for letting me a part of the caretaking. \r\n


    Animals are well tended, facility is friendly and clean.


    I can't think of anything except more volunteers and money are needed.

  • 4. good

    by: joannasills

    they are very trust werth and have prety good costimer service


    good health



  • 5. SHS

    by: cywangel

    Great place to find your new furry family member.


    Check out the cat room!


    They would love more space, but being a non-profit that is hard. DONATIONS HELP!

  • 6. great facility

    by: sheilac82

    The staff is very helpful, the cat room is immaculate and offers outside access with a large enclosed play area. The dog kennels are kept very clean and they are all taught to sit.


    the facility was very clean


    ther could have been more dogs

  • 7. Sequoia Humane Society - A No-Kill Shelter

    by: cynryan

    I admit I'm biased since I work there, but I have also received a lot of positive feedback from adopters and other visitors telling me that the SHS shelter is one of the cleanest, most welcoming shelters they've ever been in.\r\n\r\nAs a no-kill shelter, every animal that we take in is guaranteed a home - and not just any home, but the best home we can find for them.\r\n\r\nWe give the best in medical care and socialization. Within the last year we've hired a dog trainer so that all dogs receive obedience training and are ready to become "Canine Good Citizens".\r\n\r\nI could go on and on, but if haven't been out to the SHS Pet Adoption Center recently I invite you to visit us!\r\n\r\nShelter Hours: Tuesday-Saturday from 12-5pm.


    fantastic cat room - great care for all the animals


    limited space