Sepulveda Basin Off-leash Dog Park

17550 Victory Boulevard
Encino, CA

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. pretty nice dog park

    by: nawkato

    we went and half of the field was being blocked off the let the back half of grass grown back and the front was just dirt and it wasnt too impressive. then we went back and the back half was open and it was all grass so it was a big improvement from the first time we went.


    plenty of room


    so many dogs!

  • 2. deserving dogs

    by: WiseWoman

    When we lived in California I met dog parks- and I was disgusted. they were tiny, smelled of urine and feces (though everyone picked up) and were dull and boring. My dog gained 14 lbs in a *year*. Think "small dog run". Sheesh. People, get it together. Animals deserve better.


    dog park



  • 3. Fun times

    by: amandalynnmc

    It can get pretty messy here if it's been raining. Otherwise your pooches are sure to have a hoot!


    Huge space


    Not much grass, no lights

  • 4. Great Park!

    by: missyscove

    This is a great dog park, with areas for small and large dogs.


    Multiple areas


    gets soggy in the rain