Seminole co animal services

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Sanford, FL 32773
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. this shelter really cares

    by: Lisavoorhees

    I used to work for seminole county animals services, and though I wasn't great friends with the people there, they were all very nice people and they really do care about the animals. The shelter is very clean and the people that worked there with me were great.. We all did what we could to promote the animals for a chance at a new life. And our supervisor was one of the most caring of all.. She is a very stern woman and knows her stuff.. And I have learned a lot from my expierence at the shelter, I have worked in the kennels and on the road as an animal control officer. I really loved working there and I feel that it was the best job I have ever had, I loved working there. That should say a lot for this place I think.


    really great people that really care about the animals


    i don't think i can think of any...

  • 2. Awesome

    by: Jakeiscool

    i love this shelter


    it is very good for the animals


    there are still shelters needed

  • 3. They do good work!

    by: FLPhanGirl

    The do very good work in caring for animals at Seminole County Animal Services. The staff are compassionate and well-trained, and though their job is a tough one, they are dedicated to it, and to the animals. They help so many animals every day.


    Great shelter with a very caring staff


    no cons


    by: amredman

    Please adopt a stray - I found my best friend at this shelter and she is the best. Why buy a dog from the pet store when there are so many wonderful dogs here and it will only cost $ 16 for the chip and tags not $ 500 to $ 1500 like a "shop" dog. If you really need to spend $ 500 - $ 1500 dollars for a dog then get one from here and donate the rest to the SPCA or Best Friends. So many dogs have to be put down because they don't have the room for everyone so PLEASE adopt you will be happy you did because you saved a life!! Don't forget to spay and neuter your pets PLEASE!!!!!!!!!


    Found my best friend here



  • 5. Great shelter!

    by: dixonpd

    The staff here are the most caring, dedicated & knowledgeable that I have met at any of the shelters where I have volunteered. The prmary job of the shelter is animal control for the county and they go above and beyond that by having an adoption area to help unclaimed pets find homes. They actively work with rescue groups to help save even more lives, have foster homes for animals too small to be adopted, and post the monthly figures for animals turned in, reclaims, adopted or euthanased on the board in the front lobby to help educate the public to the importance of spaying & neutering your pets. The volunteer coordinator is in the right job, loves what she does and is great at it, full of energy and ideas and always busy organizing special events or out educating kids at schools. Despite the fire in February 2007, the shelter has remained open and could really use a makeover to repair all that was lost like the Vet clinic & laundry areas. If you know anyone in the Seminole County area who is a responsible pet owner, this is my first choice for a place to tell them to go to check out the animals.


    Knowledgeable, caring staff.


    Not enough space for all pets to wait to be adopted.

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: chkees

    I volunteer at the shelter and am always amazed at the compassion and caring of the staff. From the kennel help to the vet techs and everyone in administration. They work to find each dog, cat, and rabbit a loving home.


    Clean & Caring



  • 7. Great dog / Great Shelter

    by: akcoolj

    I adopted a Cocker Spaniel from Seminole co. Animal Services. She is very loved and very spoild now. Her name is Cookie and she is tan in color (like a sugar cookie). She was a older dog around 8 . I came in the shelter looking for a smaller younger lap dog but saw her and fell in love. They let me take her out to play with at the shelter and the staff was very nice to me and helpfull with any questions. I am glad I could give her a good home and she keeps me company. She is a very well trained dog and she was like that from day one. She's my loving sugar Cookie.


    They help a lot of animals.


    all the animals that can't find homes

  • 8. Great people, animals, and place

    by: boognish

    In a time where it seems that not too many people care for anything but themselves anymore, it's great to see people that wake up each day and love to take care of those animals. Not only do they do so everyday, they do so with a smile on their face. I enjoy the time I spend there to help volunteer and the staff is a big part of making me feel welcome to be there for the animals. Thank you and I look forward to continuing to volunteer for a long time.


    Great people that love animals


    Location could be better

  • 9. Seminole County Animal Services, the BEST

    by: kalfl2000

    Seminole County Animal Services is one of the nicest shelters I've worked with. They truly care about the animals they have and work hard to keep them healthy and happy during their stay.


    Clean, caring



  • 10. SPCA-Seminole County

    by: rdc68

    This office from volunteers to staff and Dr. Donahue couldn't be better. They took care of our dog like it was their own child. Kudos to everybody. My wife and I are very greatful with all the hard work. Xena is doing great thanks to you.


    Very caring and efficient personnel, clean rooms.


    small facility