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125 e jericho tpke
Huntington station, NY 11746
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great Store for puppies

    by: jlg05001

    My boyfriend & I bought our puppy (Charlie, a male cock-a-poo) from Selmers (Lauren helped us) right before the end of December 2010. Before this, I had a shihtzu that my family bought from Selmers 16 years before (Wally was the best dog on the planet...RIP Wally). When we went into the store, we didn't know what to expect. It was the same way I remembered it when I was younger- a clean store, caring staff, and eager puppies. As any pet store does, the puppies are in cages, but they are not treated badly. THey have multiple people cleaning up after the puppies constantly throughout the day. When we bought Charlie, it was a week before the new year, and as we had a wedding on New Years Eve, we were unable to take Charlie home. Selmers was wonderfully accomodating- we bought Charlie that day, and Selmers took care of him for a week without charging us. I know they took great care of him- they took him off the sales floor, but I went back a couple of times during the interim perior and he was always lively and well cared for. When we took him to the vet right after we brough him home, he was 100% healthy. He is energetic, spunky, and a very happy boy. He is everything we wanted in a puppy. For those who are worried about sick puppies in pet stores, don't fear Selmers. I have had a wonderful experience with them, and would buy a 3rd dog from them when the time comes!


    Got my amazing dog there


    they're an hour away from my home

  • 2. Very mixed feelings

    by: aussiejodi

    I have visited Selmers and I hated what I saw in the basement. Puppies in little cages with just newspaper. No blankets, no toys, no windows, no natural light - very depressing. The store upstairs is ok - reasonably neat and clean, and the staff were nice and friendly. They do donate food to Little Shelter which leaves me with very mixed emotions. I really wish they didn't sell puppy mill puppies.


    They donate to Little Shelter


    Puppies in the basement