Second chance rescue center

26707 466th avenue
Sioux falls, SD 57106

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Thank You to Second Chance Rescue Center

    by: amark

    I check the Second Chance Rescue Center site at least once a week to keep up to date on what benefits they are doing. I am so proud of the staff at SCRC because they care so much about the well being of their animals. My Dad and I participated in the SCRC motorcycle ride this summer to help raise money for the shelter. We were so impressed with how much Rosie and her staff go the extra mile to make a safe and clean shelter for the pets. I am so happy that their is a shelter in our community that care so much for their pets.


    Wonderful Staff


    No Cons

  • 2. Second Chance is the best

    by: shelbiej

    Second Chance is such a great shelter. I am constantly checking the website for new animals. My boyfriend and I always visit second chance to play with some of the animals. The staff is always friendly and helps with any questions we have. In the future I would like to volunteer at Second Chance. It is also great because the Second Chance does a lot of advertising. They try their hardest to let people know there are animals in need.


    The staff is always very helpful!


    Way on edge of town

  • 3. The shelter like no other

    by: b031901

    Second Chance Rescue is such an awesome place, my kids and I go there almost every weekend and play with the animals and take the dogs out for walks or play fetch with them. The staff is so friendly and they sincerely love the animals. I is fun to go there and hard to leave without another pet...we already have two dogs:)


    The animals get ALOT of attention on a daily basis from the young and elderly alike, they are very socialable



  • 4. Super

    by: dcruce

    The most wonderful and loving orginization\r\neveryone cares about everyone and always\r\nso happy.\r\n


    Loving staff



  • 5. GREat Place!

    by: jathiry

    This place really cares about animals and the well being of them. I like how you can go and play with the animals and get them socialized without having to fill out paper work and go through classes and stuff. I also like how they have a 24 hour programs to see if the animal fits in at your household.


    Very friendly staff and care a lot about animals


    Not enough space for the animals

  • 6. Love Second Chance Rescue!

    by: jdeblieck

    My parents adopted a German Shorthair Pointer in Feb of 2007, th adoption went smoothly and the staff that helped were so great. Harley (their dog) is doing great! We always do anything we can to help the center with events they have going on, because we know how great they are to any animals they get there. :)


    Great staff and volunteers/ nice building


    can't think of any

  • 7. Second Chance makes dreams come true

    by: grannyrita1

    The staff and volunteers at Second Chance are wonderful. Each has a deep commitment to help these precious pets in need.\r\n\r\nThere are not only dogs and cats. There are birds, snakes, gerbils, ferrets, horses and usually lots and lots of bunnies!\r\n\r\nCome out and visit sometime. Even if you're not in the market for a pet, everyone enjoys the cuddle time. you can play with the cats, take a dog to one of the "buddy bonding rooms" or even go for a walk\r\n\r\nThe pets really enjoy any time out of their kennels.\r\n


    Helping match pets and people for a forever bond of love


    Shortage of forever homes