Scotts valley dog park

Bluebonnet road
Scotts vallet, CA 95066

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Fun fun fun

    by: Terabibble

    My dog loves this park and has many dog friends that she gets excited to see and play with. There are lots of tennis balls, frisbees, rope toys here. There usually is a kiddie pool that may or may not have water in it at any given time. Some people prefer no water and dump it out which makes a big mud puddle, which is worse than just letting your dog get wet. There are many ball-chasing dogs here that appreciate the chance to cool off in the water, so I'm all for the pool. The majority of the people here are friendly and most of the dogs are well socialized. Rarely there is conflict between dogs, but most owners respond appropriately if their dog is involved. There is a small dog side that is quite large and there is often a big group of dogs and people gathered there. There is a shade cover and plenty of chairs (though they've been pee'd on probably at some point). Most people keep track of their dog and clean up poop promptly. There is a water bowl area that seems to be 'home base' for dogs who are running and chasing. It's fun to see how the dogs use this park! Most people are good about making sure there is fresh water distributed in a handfull of bowls at the water center. There is a big, deep bowl that many dogs use as their private tub, so it is really filthy most of the's best if your dog doesn't drink out of this one! There's lots of parking, a big soccer field, a skateboard park, and a playground right nearby. There are broken chairs and a bent up table in the entry area that need to go to the dump- I don't know who is responsible for that job. I'll do it if no one else will... anybody know?


    close to home


    needs a dump run

  • 2. Great park, but the kiddie pool has to go

    by: gtaylorfry

    I love this dog park. I brought my unsocialized brother-in-law's dog there, and it's been great for her. Our dog STRAINS at his leash to get into this park. \n\nthe only thing I don't like is this kiddie pool that some people fill. It gets really dirty, and would rather not have wet, muddy dogs to drive home. But if you poor it out, it causes a huge mud puddle.\n\nbut that is the only negative about this park. There is also a skate park and soccer park adjacent so it's great for socialization. Finally, there is a great little trail to walk the dogs before or after their play time.


    Large yard, lots of extra toys,


    kiddie pool that is filthy and then causes mud

  • 3. This park is my dogs' salvation

    by: Jagiwar

    Any dog park you go to you are going to run into a few characters... from the guy who threw goldfish crackers to all of our dogs to the dog who came barreling in and dislocated my knee, not ALL my memories of this place are fond. However, having said that- there are several pros listed above that are actually really nice and not found at all other dog parks by any means. This is where we came to socialize our dog since he was a 4 month old pup. He still whines in the car once he realizes where we are, and then pulls at the leash to get to it... he LOVES it!! And it is such a nice thing to have a public place where he is allowed to stretch his legs and get in a good run. Not for the overprotective pet parent, but I love it.


    Plenty of space, water on site, chairs and shade for caretakers, two gates to ensure safety, ample parking


    Dusty woodchips, some rude people

  • 4. it's so so

    by: sairmoo

    I try and take my dogs here to play when I don't take them to daycare. I don't really like it much and neither do they. It's close to a skate park now, so my bigger dog gets scared of all the loud noices from there. Not only that, I find that parents will sit around and not watch what their dog is doing.


    it's nice a big


    just not my cup of tea

  • 5. Great Dog Park

    by: metallicasgrl

    I love this park. There is plentyful parking and room for the dogs to run. The people that frequent there are very nice and for the most part let you be. I like that. It is relaxing. Our Tambre loves it there.