Schoolcraft Vet

4872 West U Ave
Schoolcraft, MI 49087

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  • 1. Love your pets...DON'T take them here!!!

    by: taplin78

    Absolutely the worst experience I have ever had with a business. I wish I had the time and space to explain my entire situation, but that would take too long. All I can say is that this clinic charged us for euthanizing our dog after she was hit by a car. The only problem was they did not such thing. We tried to contact them to inform them of their mistake and were never able to get in touch with the person we needed to speak to. We received a phone call from them telling us that we are 90 days late on this bill. When we tried to explain the situation we were YELLED at by Kathy, the office manager, and finally hung up on. We tried to call back three times to get this taken care of. The second phone call also ended with Kathy yelling at us and hanging up on us. On the third time, we let Kathy get her yelling out of the way and told her we would be happy to pay the bill once the euthanization charge came off. She said it already was, but we were unable to pay the bill because she already sent us to collections. I am not one to call for somebody’s job…but Kathy should find another line of work. Her people skills are non-existent, and her attitude is beyond explanation. I have no problem with her sending us to a collection agency. I will gladly settle my debt with them for pennies what the actual bill was. Kathy may think that sending us to collections would ‘teach us a lesson’, but all she did was cost herself more work and very little reward. I know the collection agency will gladly take a cut out of what we pay, letting Kathy collect about $6 on the original bill of $60. Please, do not take your pets to this place. They are very, very cheap…but your pets deserve better then these people.


    Very cheap (you get what you pay for)


    Too many to list