Scaredy cats housecall veterinary service

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  • 1. Dr.Laney Long rocks!!

    by: munchkin392

    I have know Laney since I was a little girl,long before she was a vet. When I got my first lab, she had just graduated from vet school and starting practicing in my area again. I jumped at the chance for her to by my dogs vet. She has since quit this practice and runs her own housecall service, Scaredy Cats. I personally love that she will come to my house for all the dogs veterinary needs such as shots and routine care. She is wonderful with the animals and they are always beyond excited to see her (how many vets can you say that about?)!! She is always available to answer any questions in a timely and honest fashion, and has never steered me wrong in the care of any my pets.\r\n\r\nI trust "Dr.Laney" as we call her (with ears perked up when her name is mentioned) 100% with the care of my animals, and would recommend her to anyone. If your animal is a "scaredy cat" who does not like the car, or if you just want the convenience of having your vet come to you, then give Dr.Long a call! \r\n\r\nThe added expense of a housecall may be a turnoff to some, but for me, it is worth every penny. And if your pet does need surgery, she will either refer you to another very competent veternarian, or she will rent a surgical suite at a local vets office and do the surgery herself. \r\n\r\nOnce again, I have never been unhappy with her care of my animals, and I have entrusted alot of care to her with all my pooches! :)


    Comes directly to your house for routine and minor emergency veterinary services


    Does surgeries such as neuters & spays at another clinic,house calls slightly expensive (but worth it)