Saxony animal clinic

569 n pike rd.
Sarver, PA 16055

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Ripoff!

    by: lafios

    Wesley Simmers Jr Saxony Animal Health Clinic is a RIPOFF! they charged me over $200 to do blood work for my cat sneezers, and did not check him for feline Herpies and that is well known to cause respratory infections... now i cant even afford to take him somewhere else!





  • 2. Horrendous follow up

    by: animalpro

    I am extremely disappointed with this clinic. I went there after a suggestion from someone. The staff was brisk and rude, and the doctor started making a prognosis before any tests were done. They never followed up with me even though they said they would. They lack empathy and caring, and I will never bring another animal back to them.




    no empathy

  • 3. Much better than most.

    by: BrigitShadow

    They have been fantastic with my dogs. When my puppy (7wks old) got 5 ticks from the time I picked him up on saturday until I called them monday morning, I called and they got him right in. And Dr Houtz was great. My last German Shepherd had gotten lymes disease, so she agreed with me when I wanted him treated profilactically for lymes. She found a flea and tick med that a puppy that young could use.


    Quick service, explains options throughly


    Out on 356 towards Kittanning which is far from me.

  • 4. Rude receptionist

    by: promeder

    I've had 3 dogs over the last 17 years and have always gone to Saxony Animal Clinic when there was a problem. Fortunately for us, our dogs did very well so we didn't have to visit the Vet very often. We've lost 2 dogs over the past 3 years and now our Husky is on her last leg. (17yrs old). I called to get her in to have her looked at and most likely put down and the first thing the Receptionist (Ruth) says is you haven't had her here in 5 years. Then she says they don't have time to look at her today and she can't guarantee the Doctor would want to put her down. She's been short and Rude to us before but we've never said a thing until now, our dog is dying and they don't have time to deal with her today. Dr. Fertilmus is great, but consider having to deal with Ruth before you decide to take your pets to Saxony Clinic.


    Good Doctors


    Receptionist is Rude

  • 5. Vets are great, reception staff rude.

    by: cne141

    I have been taking my dog here for about three years, I really like the vets and their prices are reasonable compared to other clinics. I agree with the other reviewer that some of the reception staff can be rude, never had a problem with vets. One staff member yelled at me because my dog barked, and on another occasion had to wait over twenty minutes to CHECK OUT(not in) because receptionist made me wait while she took a non-emergency personal phone call; other receptionist completely ignored me while I waited. If it wasn't for the vets I would not go here.


    Vet staff is great, prices are reasonable


    Reception staff can be rude

  • 6. It depends on the doctor

    by: kerigirl

    My family has been going to Saxony forever. It is very clean and they have evening and weekend hours. However, I recently have thought about changing vets. My cousin, my mom and at least one of my friends no longer go there. The one receptioninst is rude on a regular basis. She is disgusted with people and shows it. At my last visit I was asked to keep my dog quiet. He was 6 months old and it was 30 minutes past our scheduled visit. Also, Dr. W. was rude, opinionated and lacked social skills. She was more interested in telling me that my dog needs obedience school and all this other business than asking the questions that I was asking. She seemed to want to talk about herself more than anything else. Also, my dog was very well mannered for the first 20 minutes. I don't know many 6 month old babies that would not be fussing in a strange place with lots of stimulation. The receptionist (again) is also a huge problem and I know people have complained about her. Saxony has lost a few clients due to her alone and I think it is horrible that she has not been corrected for her maladaptive behavior.


    have been around forever, Dr. Honze, Dr. Morrow and Dr. Fertemeles are very good


    reception staff is rude, Dr. Wilderntrout is not very nice and is very opinionated

  • 7. great vet

    by: lessig

    Saxony Animal Clinic is a great vet. They not only help heal the pets of local residents. They are also helping and healing our shelter dogs and cats. They are highly recommended.


    good to our shelter



  • 8. Caring vet

    by: KathyAbraham

    Saxony is a clean, friendly clinic. I never have had to wait long for my appointment. They are very thorough and offer some alternative treatments. I had my last cat there to get aquapuncture which really seemed to help his quality of life.


    Offer special services


    none, except one grouchy receptionist