Saving paws animal rescue inc.

P.o. box 0362
Appleton, WI 54912

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Volunteer

    by: Scrubby

    As a volunteer at Saving Paws, I have seen frightened or abandoned animals open up and findnew loving homes. Other organizations would have deemed these animals unadoptable and would have ended their lives after arriving at their facility. At Saving Paws we spend hours - days - weeks working with these furry members of our community. We hug and kiss their heads as they are placed in their carriers by sparkling eyed people eager to start their new lives together. Working with these cast off souls warms mine. If you need some unconditional love come join us as a volunteer.


    Big hearts and lots of love for all animals


    Not enough space for their hearts

  • 2. 24 hour cat

    by: felisj89

    I have adopted three cats from this shelter in the past 3 months... two of them are dead and one is almost constantly sick. My husband and I adopted Coco after my cat, Tavi, got hit by a car. Coco died less than 24 hours after we brought him home. The vet said he most likely had FIP, Feline Infectious Peritonitis. His lungs had filled up with blood. I really like this shelter due to their mannerisms but the shelter is overcrowded and the area where the cats spend most of their time is filthy and has a dirt floor. Stryker is always sick as well. I haven't even been able to get his distemper shots due to his constant upper respiratory infection. Now, due to the uncertain nature of Coco's death, we have to take Stryker to my parents house in the hope that he didn't catch whatever killed Coco.


    Friendly staff


    Overcrowded shelter

  • 3. Great for our community

    by: JPAULS

    A caring dedicated network of volunteers that help unwanted animals find those forever homes.


    Caring, no-kill facility with a dedicated staff


    need new facility

  • 4. Wonderful place

    by: 19cats

    This is a fantastic, grassroots shelter that puts time and love into every kitty there. Those who cannot find homes are still going to have love for their entire life. Come on over and volunteer!




    needs more room

  • 5. Saving lives.. one pet at a time

    by: greatdanes3

    We have saved and adopted over 480\r\npets in 2007. We are growing and need to accommodate more pets to help them find permanent homes.


    Dedicated volunteers


    Need more space

  • 6. Grassroots Animal Rescue Looking for a Forever Home!

    by: Sadie8

    Saving Paws Animal Rescue is a non-profit, no-kill that's looking for a permanent home - as it is currently located at a large shed on the director's personal property. For what it lacks in asthetics, this organization has heart to spare - as it's completely volunteer run and they believe that all pets are worth saving! Paws has resident kitties who aren't considered 'adoptable' by some people, but they're all happy to welcome the newest adoptable kitties to the rescue! \r\n


    Lots of adoptable kitties! Friendly, caring volunteers who make a difference!


    Saving Paws needs a permanent home

  • 7. Saving the little ones

    by: lambrhondal

    I like the name of this facility - saving paws!! That's what it's all about. It is so good to find shelters that places this as their true objective. Far too often too many animals are euthanized rather than literally trying to save paws!


    Caring for animals



  • 8. No Kill Animal Shelter

    by: nboesken

    Saving Paws is a phenomenal, all volunteer run, no-kill animal shelter. By networking with over 200 volunteers through a series of foster homes they helped nearly 500 pets find forever homes in their first year. This organization is going places!


    No Kill


    Needs Home