Save our cats & kittens, inc. (socks)

548 mary esther cut off
Fort walton beach, FL 32548
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Love their store

    by: macbeth

    I have been taking stuff and shopping at the SOCKS Thrift Store for a long time, they are so wonderful to volunteer for this noble cause! I encourage others in this area to take their stuff to the store instead of having a garage sale, the cats need it more!!!


    Helps them make money for their shelter


    They need more space

  • 2. Helping Cats and Kittens

    by: ccatdaniel

    I find this shelter to be very willing to care for the cats and kittens on such a limited budget. They offer a safe and loving enviroment. It is serviced by volunteers and a couple of paid staff. I encourage people to volunteer at the shelter to ensure continued help and love for the cats and kittens.


    Saves cats and kittens, tries hard to find them homes, does good work on such a limited budget.


    Hard to find dependable volunteers to be there every day, but they do their best and provide services and love for the animals.

  • 3. Good shelter

    by: RedHeadRule999

    This is a good shelter dont get me wrong but they seem to lack variety to me but all shelters are good any place or person who takes in animals without a home and find them one is good so go take a look around.


    good shelter


    i dont know how to explain it