Save-a-pet adoption center

31664 north fairfield road
Grayslake, IL 60030
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. it was nice

    by: trumanlover

    it is a nice place very clean really nice staff


    very clean, overall nice


    you have to wait a long time to meet the animal

  • 2. helping Pets

    by: biggsfour

    I foster for save a pet and I think that they have a good facility for saving a lot of lives. The people work hard and the vet services are awesome


    Friendly staff, well cared for animals


    sometimes very busy

  • 3. Excellent

    by: sherrf1

    This shelter does wonderful work. They try their best to accommodate every animal that needs their help. I would recommend this shelter to anyone who asks. Although I have never adopted from this shelter, I have seen them in action several times and they are always top notch!


    Very attentive to animals



  • 4. GOOD.

    by: domdes36

    I feel this is a very good idea more people should help these poor animals!





  • 5. Doing important work

    by: mela721

    Save a Pet is a great shelter. It is staffed by many caring animal lovers. I personally have met a lot of wonderful animals that have come from this shelter.


    Lots of wonderful pets


    Unfortunately overcrowded

  • 6. perfect

    by: gibs7usa

    very good animals





  • 7. Older Cats

    by: DebbieReko

    I have adopted several cats from Save-A-Pet over the years. My first adoption from Save-A-Pet was a black and white kitten, 8 weeks old, I had him for 12 wonderful years until he passed away. I adopted 2 older cats who had lived at the shelter and had bonded, they spent their first day at my home sitting on my desk and watching the snow fall all day long. It has been such a joy and so much fun to have these wonderful pets. The people there are so helpful with showing you exactly which ones might be excellent choices. The last time I adopted a cat there, I was looking specifically for an all black male cat who was older. Some other people were looking at one when I came in the area so I looked at other cats. When I didn't choose one of the others, one of the employees said to me, "Junior would like a home." He was the cat the people had been looking at but they didn't take him. Once I had a chance to meet him I found out what a sweetheart he was and I adopted him.


    Many to choose from


    So many need homes

  • 8. Thank you!!!!!!

    by: belinda2

    Thank you for everything you have done for Turbo, and all the others like him. It is wonderful to know there is someone else out there, that also wants and gets involved. Without you I'd be lost. \r\nBea


    Have helped many animals find homes.


    Not enough space.

  • 9. Grayslake pet shelter

    by: idk7

    Last year I adopted a cat from save a pet. I couldnt ask for more, shes great. At first when she came here, she was shy and didnt ask for much attention. Now within a year shes so much affectionate and wants to be petted all the time. She lays in bed with me and gets along great with other cats. To the kitten I have right now, she acts like shes her mom, its adorable. Im happy I went to save a pet and picked her, Id never get rid of her. She purrs like a motorboat. As for the shelter, its great. Theyre very clean and when I was in the cat room a volunteer was so happy to help. She new the cat very well and told me things about her. I was kinda surprised having a 100 and some cats and knowing her personality. Keep up the good work for the animals.


    people friendly, very clean, staff is helpful


    need more room for the cats, little pricey, dont get back to your calls at times