Savanna Animal Hospital

1800 Ne Savanna Road
Jensen Beach, FL 34957

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  • 1. Killers

    by: mau05

    My family entrusted this establishment with the life of a 10 month old great dane puppy. He had borded there previously, so it was nothing new. My parents dropped him off Thursday afternoon to go to PA to look for a new house, and were going to pick him up Monday morning when the vet reopened. Early that monday morning, my dad received a call from them saying Nicky wouldn't get up... so my dad rushed over to the vet... only to have to ship him off to the dog "ER" by ambulance. They tried blaming my dad for leaving some poision around our property, however, my dad has never kept anything that would endanger our pets, or our family. At that time, my brother was about 5, so of course my dad isn't going to keep poison at our house where my brother could reach it... anyways, after my parents spending the day at the ER with nicky, he passed. They paid to have further tests on him to determine what caused such an early death... turns out Savanna did not want to answer my parents calls with the correct nformation. Their establishment is shady and I would never recommend their services to anyone in that area. RIP Nicky.