Satellite Beach Dog Park

Jamaica Blvd
Satellite Beach, FL 32937

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Brevard's Dog Parks Need Better Regulation

    by: KimsHuskies

    I say, do your research before going to these parks. Brevard County cut funding for the dog parks, so now there is no one to regulate what dogs are allowed in and what dogs aren't, so scan the park before you go in. There have been many reported dog fights at the area dog parks in the last couple years. Also, this is one of the worst years I've seen for fleas and ticks in Brevard County and dog parks are a breeding ground for these pests. Consider your options. There are alternatives to getting your dog to run, play and exercise.


    dogs have room to run, play and exercise


    breeding ground for fleas and ticks, nobody regulates who comes in

  • 2. My dogs love this park!

    by: sciencetchr

    My dog goes to this park all the time. There is plenty of room to run around and a few loops to jump through. Pools are provided and there is a place to wash your dogs before you leave. My dog has a lot of energy, and by taking him here he is able to release some of that energy and usually sleeps the entire way home. Be sure to bring county license, shots record and money when you visit!


    Wonderful place to socialize dogs


    Some people can't pick up after their dogs on the walk there.