Santa monica animal shelter (city of santa monica)

1640 9th street
Santa monica, CA 90401
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User Reviews (1)

  • 1. A small shelter that does a big job

    by: funkiemunkee

    This is a very cute little shelter located in a sort of industrial area in Santa Monica right off the freeway and Lincoln. They have always been nice and helpful when I visited. Their facility was very small, at least it was the last time I visited about two or three years ago. They have a limited number of kennels for dogs and cats, so that is a big problem when they serve a busy area with lots of strays and a huge population. I would love to see this shelter get the additional space it needs and more funding. The area around it is moving from a sort of warehousey-industrial area to a more upscale area as the economy and real esate have changed. I can only hope this does not affect their future or their ability to expand. It can be sort of hard to find, its at the end of unremarkablesteert, sort of hidden away. I encourage anyone who is looking for a pet to check here first. It has always appeared they were doing the best job they could to care for the pets with the recources they had. One note is that because people are pretty good about spaying cats and dogs in this general area, it can be harder to find kitten and puppies for adoption. I encourage anyone to reconsider and think about adopting an older pet. If you are dead set on adopting a younger animal, check back frequently as there is a high turnover and you will need to be quick if they come in -- they go fast.


    small, so they can give the animals attention


    serves a large and busy area, could use more resources and support