Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital

2585 Soquel Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95065

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. A good place to have in the county

    by: naneki26

    This hospital has been around for a long time saving lives. I think DR Stone Pet oncologist was the original owner. He provided cancer treatment and there is still a whole cancer treatment center there. So they have emegcency, oncology,opthomology and take routine appointments too. Good a;round place. Nice Drs. and staff.


    They provide emergency services



  • 2. Good with animal emegencys and routine things too

    by: ginlana

    I really like Dr. Mohr and the whole staff, She was so good with my wild kitty. I was amazed at the fact that she just picked him up and he relaxed. They also have an Oncology dept that works wonders...


    Great staff


    a little pricey

  • 3. Hooray for Dr. Douglas and SCVH Nurses!

    by: dn87503

    Dr. Douglas took excellent care of my Davey in April 2008. Not knowing what was wrong with him, I whisked him into SCVH one Saturday afternoon after Davey had not eaten for a few days and appeared extremely lethargic.\r\nDr. Douglas performed surgery that afternoon. Davey had a raging fever. His anal glands were infected. He spent 5 days and 4 nights in the emergency hospital. Numerous tests were run, as wells as scans. Diagnosis: Fever of Unknown Origin.\r\nThank DOG for Dr. Douglas, the amazing nurses and support staff at SCVH. I was able to visit AND hold Davey nearly every day. He had terrible diarrhea. His tail was wrapped to keep clean. He was kept warm and dry. He was coddled and fussed over. He was LOVED. :)\r\nSCVH took great care of Davey. THANKS.


    Dr. Douglas Rocks!



  • 4. Great place

    by: sairmoo

    I haven't taken any of my animals there in a while, but when my dog had an emergency, they were the closes place. They were all so helpful and just wanted the best for us and our dog.


    amazing staff



  • 5. The only place I will take my pets

    by: metallicasgrl

    I have been taking my pets here since 1991. I even worked there for a few months as a receptionist, so I have seen this place "behind the scenes". The staff is great, the facility is older but well maintained and clean. I have taken a number of different pets there:\r\nRats, Rabbits, Mice, Dogs and cats. I love them there. When I had to put my 13 year old Goldie to sleep, they put us in a private room, and gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye. When I walked back out into the lobby area I was greated with hugs and tears from a sympathetic staff. I thank them for that.\r\nI highly recommend this facility.


    Great staff and doctors 24/7



  • 6. Emergency vet hospital

    by: chocolateforone

    We're lucky to have two emergency clinics in Santa Cruz County. This vet hospital helps the homeless pets at the Santa Cruz SPCA. :)


    open 24/7/ great, compassionate nursing staff


    some staff could be friendlier

  • 7. hr vet hospital

    by: Laurie6677

    Caring staff but sometimes it seems a little to pricey.


    open hours