Sanilac county animal shelter

35 s. stoutenburg rd.
Sandusky, MI 48471
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  • 1. If I were an animal, I would want to be here

    by: Danira

    Wally and all of the volunteers are incredible. It is shocking that they are able to do what they do in such a rural/poor area. Constant additions to the pet area's. The love and dedication is outstanding. Never is an 'unwanted' animal turned away. If there isn't room, there is a foster family ready to welcome the pet. The only 'con' I can see is that the shelter is in a 'not so well off town'. But they manage, and they manage well. Wally finds ways to pay off the enormous vet bills and always has positive news about the shelter. Fee's to adopt are INCREDIBLY reasonable considering the condition that some of the animals come in with. I do have to laugh at some of the comments that are printed in the local news about the shelter. 'Too much barking. Close it down'. Seriously. Less then 4 streets away from the shelter, and my neighbor's dog barks all day and night. And he gets loose and is in the middle of a busy street. I grew up with 7 cats and 3 dogs and I do know that without our local shelter, so many 'family friends' would be in dismay. About a year ago, several kittens were thrown from a truck and Ruth helped take care of them. A cat was hog tied, all teeth removed and found in a ditch. Who was there to help her ?? SCAS. When an unfortunate allowed many animals to starve and die on his property, leaving the starving to eat their own dead {thanks Granholm for the new law}, SCAS was there to place near death animals with foster families. This shelter does not get the needed support that it should get, but it does a kick @$$ job in going above and beyond what it should.




    Not much at all ~~ Read below