Sand Lake Animal Clinic

8932 South Apopka Vineland Road
Orlando, FL 32836

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Awesome

    by: jj33sky

    Here is a story for you...I was on vacation and was picking up a friend from the airport when a small dog got hit by an SUV going about 65 mph, the dog went flying up over the vehicle and landed on the side of the road. The vehicle kept on going like nothing happened. I stopped and believe it or not...the dog was still alive. I wrapped him in a blanket and called 911, the Sheriff responded and took the dog to the animal clinic for me. After I picked up my friend we went to the clinic. The dog had injured his neck, but would survive. The clinic took the dog in and treated his injuries. The small dog is living today, healthy, happy, and traveling from state to state with his owner, thanks to the Sheriff and Clinic.


    Clean, helpful, friendly and knowledgeable staff



  • 2. Love this office

    by: Jaimie

    I like this vet office in Orlando. I picked up Barney after his teeth were cleaned yesterday and everyone made me feel welcome, the doctor talked to me about the procedure and aftercare and they called today to make sure he is okay. It is more expensive here than the vet in Mi that I am used to.


    felt welcome



  • 3. Genuine caring

    by: barbwatts

    I have taken two dogs and, on one occasion, a pet dove to Sand Lake Animal Clinic. The diagnoses are not always correct the first time -- something I do not expect, of course -- but they continue to search for answers -- which I do expect. I always feel that everyone there is completely dedicated to the health and well-being of my pets.


    Well-equipped facility with caring staff


    Do not do home visits