San francisco animal care and control

1200 15th street
San francisco, CA 94103
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. What I Think About the ACC (Animal Care and Control)

    by: chinchillalover

    As a Jr. Volunteer at the SF/SPCA, I've been to the Animal Care and Control many times. I love the staff there, and I love that the animals are well taken care of and loved by the many people that work there. A few of the people I really admire are the Animal Cops, the people that go out and rescue stray or abused animals and take them back to the shelter. \r\n The problem is, the space they have is a bit small! There is not enough room for the animals, and that should definately change. \r\n I'm glad the ACC takes all animals, including my favorites of all time: chinchillas, but they probably need more money to help with all the feeding, cleaning, and, of course, socializing, with all the animals.\r\n So if you are thinking of adopting a furry little guy (or someone bigger and fluffy) as a friend, I suggest these people. I adopted my first pet, a hamster named Ping-Pong, there, and I loved him more than anything else. He was the one that got me into loving and admiring rodents, with the help of our good old friend, the Animal Care and Control.\r\n


    The ACC takes in almost all animals!


    There's not enough room for them. :(

  • 2. Great place to get a dog, cat, or any other animal

    by: softstars

    This is a great city shelter and a wonderful model for other progressive cities. Dogs get to participate in near daily socialization sessions where they play and interact with other dogs housed in the shelter! This is a fabulous way for them to learn social skills and pass the time while in doggy jail. Please come adopt animals from the shelter. They will be pleased to see you!!


    Adoptable animals are not euthanized for space.


    Not really a con, but sometimes there are only a handful of dogs.