San diego humane society and spca

5500 gaines street
San diego, CA 92110

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. hmm...

    by: AliM

    the shelter is kinda hidden...but it is an amazing place with nice people, that know what they are talking about...also it is clean and doesnt have the feces smell like most other places...




    hard to find

  • 2. Extravagent Facility

    by: Maddi

    This facility is unbelievable. When you enter you feel like you are in a museum. You can go down different hallways lined with "displays" of animals. Each dog or cat has it's own room that you can view from the hall. Each room is themed differently with very detailed decorations. Most dogs have a couch, table, flower planters, and all are watching animal planet on their TVs. It seems surreal to see these dogs in such human-like living arrangements. I can't help but wonder how so much money could have been used differently.....


    Very fancy


    Can only view animals through glass