Salmon river veterinary service llc

P.o. box 15313
Riverside , RI 02915

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Dr. Loiselle is AMAZING!

    by: Sparklegem

    The mobile vet service that Dr. Loiselle provides is such a blessing...he's kind and caring, did an amazing job on my cat Chance. He had a large hernia which Dr. Loiselle fixed during neutering, can't tell it was ever there. I was charged $175 LESS than my normal vet. There should be more wonderful vets like this! If I lived near Dr. Loiselle's vet office, I'd bring all my pets there for sure. I can't recommend him enough.





  • 2. Need information

    by: ztT4MP67827683

    Hi, I don't know if this is the place to put this but I'm looking for information about a cairn terrier that I recently got from someone in North Kingston and the tag on him gave me this site what i am looking for is any info you can give me about any shots and vacinnes,and if he was neuterd that you may have given to him. The tag says he had a rabies shot in 2007(tag #3471) but that's all I know the lady I got him from says thats all she knows also. So if you could give any leads it would really help. I need this info so I can get him a license.\r\nThank you,\r\nBob Love in Attleboro MA.\r\ne-mail is [email protected]\r\n





  • 3. great service

    by: lllllll

    I was so happy I heard about them! They meet you with a vet van and take care of your animals. They are very inexpensive! Great care as well!\r\n\r\nThanks.




    they work from a van and you can't come in with your pet

  • 4. Dr Ryan

    by: joanc

    When ever i take my cat in, it's prompt service, always gets checked over even if it's just for a shot. and the vet is caring about the animals that he takes care of. \r\nyou can tell he loves animals.\r\nI have been to other vets who just do this as a job not because they love animals.


    Always available for apointments when i call, very knowledgable, great service


    none that i know of

  • 5. The traveling vet!

    by: Mzrz

    Pros: The Doctor comes to you!/great for people with animals that are older - or get traumatized by travel/vet offices\r\nCons: really - none!\r\nSalmon River Veterinary Clinic is my veterinarian- Dr.Ryan is extremely knowledgable in all phases of treatment and care- The great thing about him is he comes to your home..For a house call fee you can save your animals from the trauma or nervousness that driving to the vet gives them- Your animals are relaxed in their own environment .You are able to have his complete attention to your animal for the time he is at your home. He is thorough in his examinations and recommendations for treatment. His staff has been extremely helpful with my transition to his practice. The Doctor, his wife and his staff are angels to the animals who are residing in local shelters . They also help the public out with traveling clinics to various shelters around the State.\r\nThanks so much for being there!\r\nAnnie and her crew!\r\nChance ,Paula,Julia and our new girl Jesse!


    The Vet comes to YOU


    can't think of one....

  • 6. Great vet doing great work with cats

    by: LiLxNIiNJA101

    Salmon River do great work and really care about helping not just about the money like a lot of vets are. They give low cost spay/neutering to all cat owners and stray or feral cats. They really want to make a differance.


    does a real good job with cats


    doesn't do dogs

  • 7. Great vet providing excellent low cost service to everyone

    by: Westwarwickaco

    Salmon River is the best mobile clinic to use in RI. Dr. Ryan helps so many people that are low income and helps those who do rescue he even helps shelters. He is a great vet that really wants to make a differance. He helps people get there cats fixed at a reasonable price people can afford. He even helps people with dogs that need to be vaccinated but can't afford to pay for an office visit on top of shots. He's truly a vet that cares.


    There when you need them


    haven't found one

  • 8. Great Mobile Vet

    by: jcl4753

    I have used Salmon River for the past few years and have never had any problems with my 3 cats.\r\nThe Vet has been very helpful and knows his business. i have been very pleased with the service and the prices. But above all the care that has been provided to my cats.


    Wonderful low cost spay/neuter and shots