Salem Veterinary Service

900 S Main St.
Salem, IN

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  • 1. Caring Groomers

    by: cassilicious

    We've had Rory groomed here a number of times (this is also our vets office) and I can't recommend them enough. They are so gentle and sweet with her. She isn't a big fan of having her face fur trimmed (we normally just do it at home since she is more comfortable with us), but everytime we go there to pick her up from being groomed the groomer says, "She gets a little antsy when we go to trim her face, we didn't want to upset her, would you like us to do it?" I LOVE that they are considerate enough to wait and ask us before they put Rory through any sort of discomfort.\n\nAlso, this is where we board Rory and she always seems superbly taken care of. They always give her a bath and she always seems happy and healthy when she leaves. In fact, she loves the people there so much that as soon as she walks into the office she runs over to greet all the ladies there (and the ladies run to greet her too!)


    Caring, attentive, kind staff


    We have to drive over an hour, but it's worth it!