Salem friends of felines

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User Reviews (4)

  • 1. A business with heart

    by: govicki

    My brother and his wife have been blessed by this organization. My family members just couldn't say no to the wild cats in the neighbor hood, and very quickly became overpopulated by sweet little kitties just yearning for love, not to mention a bite to eat. As the population grew, the SFOF came to the rescue. They provided their service with such open and caring hearts to assist in bringing the family of cats to a desierable number. They took in the youngsters and found wonderful homes. SFOF deserves kuddos for all they do!


    Exceptional people who truely care


    Nothing I can think of

  • 2. Helping prevent cat over population

    by: Draines22

    I was "gifted" with a kitten that was very feral.\r\nI don't know where she came from, but she was\r\nabout 9 mo old (my guess) when she showed up.\r\nShe would attack anything, including those feeding\r\nher. I didn't know what to do. Then I read about\r\nthe Salem Friends of Felines. I was able to capture\r\nher and have her spayed for only $20. This was\r\na great help to me, because I know we don't need\r\nuncared for cats running loose. I fed her for about\r\n5 years when she disappeared - I doubt if she found a home. She would bite & scratch if you tried to pick her up. She would even attack me while I was putting food out for her. \r\n\r\nFriends of Felines provide a great service, by helping with this problem of over population.\r\nIt's not right just to kill unwanted animals, we\r\nshould all help prevent over population by spaying\r\nand nuetering of animals.


    They provide inexpensive spay/nuetering for feral cats


    somtimes you have to travel a distance for the service

  • 3. Wonderful shelter

    by: LCat

    There are too many cats and not enough adopters. Salem Friends of Felines know the solution via their spay/neuter program. They do a wonderful job advocating on behalf of cats. They need a larger shelter, and they need more donations to keep their spay/neuter program going. They are a very worthwhile organization and do amazing work.


    They rightly promote spay/neuter and have a great program.


    They are small and need more space

  • 4. A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed!

    by: Miniver

    Whenever I visit Friends of Felines, I am touched by the kind and caring staff of volunteers. My son and I visit the Kitten Room and play with the kittens; then we wash our hands and visit the older kitties - so MANY beautiful cats needing good homes! The staff has filled out little cards on each kitty, and they know all about each cat and their personality/preferences. Some of the kitties are able to be "fostered" to different homes until they are adopted. This is a "no-kill" shelter, so it is so much better being able to visit with the kitties with a child knowing that there is no "shadow of death" over them...FOF also has a very nice thrift store in the opposite side of the shelter which is also run by volunteers. I am sure that FOF would like to ensure that every cat is spayed/neutered so that every cat will be loved and valued, instead of being treated as expendable rubbish. These people are truly angels on earth!


    Caring volunteers