Safehaven Humane Society

33071 Hwy 34 Se
Albany, OR 97321

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. a really nice place to get a kitty

    by: leslierea

    I got my cat lucky there. i went in and everyone was very helpful. they dont get very many people coming in to want to get a kitty or doggy out there. unfortunately cats and dogs are there for longer then they should be. I wish i could have taken them all with me they are all really sweet kitties and doggies. I would recommend that if you are looking for a pet, the best ones and most reliable are the ones at this shelter. and the staff is all really nice and no pressure to pick a certain one though they were said to see lucky go. i think they deserve the make over cause they are in a very small place and out dated. all run by donations. and they have a hard time getting donations cause people dont think about them.


    all animals are loved as if they were their own


    animals dont leave very fast

  • 2. Our not so little boy

    by: Kenna29

    We got our cat from Safehaven a year ago and he's become our whole world. He had just arrived with his sister and we stopped by lucky are we?! The staff was great and we couldn't be happier. I highly recommend adopting from this shelter- you'll find happiness.


    Great staff and wonderful care for the animals


    it's a bit small

  • 3. Doing good thing for Albany

    by: kcovey26

    A lovely little shelter helping the animals of Linn County. They are growing and helping more animals in this mostly small town, rural area.\r\n\r\nGood for them.


    Limited Admission, safety net for Linn County



  • 4. Full of TLC

    by: animalgrl

    My family adopted a german shepherd and a cat from here. The shepherd had to be re-homed unfortunately but we know that she went to a better home. My parents still have the cat and love her to death. We also had one cat who we couldn't keep when we first moved to Albany and we took her to Safe Haven. There was no way we would have taken her to Heartland. So many of the animals are put down here. SafeHaven, however, took very good care of her and I know she ended up with a good home. \r\n\r\nI have never heard anything bad about this shelter and I know that the staff tries their hardest to find better homes for their animals. Any animal in their care is better off than most.


    Caring and no-kill


    a bit on the small side

  • 5. Small but Mighty!

    by: pampetwarrior

    SafeHaven is fantastic. I have two dogs that spent time there, and I can't say how I love those little dudes. SafeHaven helped me to heal a cut on my MinPin and gave me the medicine to treat him! It's in no small part the "fault" (LOL) of SafeHaven that I decided to become a vet assistant and professional groomer. They were so wonderful that I wanted to be like them! Truth be told, this small shelter is the final resource for our county. We live on the edge of the forest and so many bad people abandon animals there that a bigger and better SafeHaven is the deepest wish for animal lovers of Linn County. In a world where pets are dumped in the wilderness, a no-kill shelter like SafeHaven could easily become overwhelmed. Not the staff here, though, they raise their shoulders high and fight like Warriors to keep abandoned and unwanted pets safe and loved. They are, in short, Small but Mighty.


    Staff is incredible!


    Needs an upgrade so it can care for more animals

  • 6. SafeHaven Review

    by: Hander1985

    Ok so I am a little parcial because I work there, but I am there all the time and know how stuff is. We maybe a little small, but as far as we are concerned until we rehome the animals the are our pets/ small furry children.


    Smaller, but very animal friendly setting. The Dogs even get to play outside at least twice a day.



  • 7. Haven for all

    by: cheshirekitty

    Safe Haven Humane Society resides just outside of Albany, Oregon. It is the only No-kill animal shelter in the area and does its best to care for all of the animals that come its way. The staff our very helpful and will go out of their way to answer any questions that you may have. It does not matter how long an animal has been in the shelter it will not be put down. Only animals that are too sick to make a comeback or too dangerous to adopt out are ever put down. \r\n\r\nWe get to personaly know each animal and we try to find out as much about the animal's history as we can. It can be sad to see some of them go but we know that they will be going to a good home. What can be very sad are the animals that stay there for months without being adopted. However, we do know that there will be one person who comes along and knows that this animal is right for them. \r\n\r\nIn the spring and summer we are overflowing with kittens and in desperate need of foster homes. Then, in the winter we are full of puppies. If you do not have any time to come help out or to foster, even a bag of non-clumping litter or some kitten food or treats can help to make a difference. \r\n\r\nCurrently we are looking at a few different sites where we can possibly build a new shelter. If we can build a bigger shelter than we could take in more animals. Everytime we have to turn away an animal it is only becuase the lack of room that we have. With new buildings and more room this could help to lower the turn down rate.\r\n\r\nI have volunteered at SafeHaven for a little over half a year now and I wish that there was more that I could do. Please help us by volunteering, fostering, adopting, or just brining in some items that we can help, and always remember to please spay and nueter your animals. n_n


    No-kill shelter


    Not enough room for all of the animals in the area.

  • 8. This a wonderful shelter!

    by: gunderc

    I've adopted a dog and cat from there and I love them dearly!


    It's Friendly


    It's Small