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  • 1. Unfair

    by: Browns

    My mother filled out an release form to adopt a cat, 2 weeks later I called & left my name inquiring, 4 days later I called & was asked to fax again, 2 days later I called & was told I would be called back and the next day I called & was told the adoption was denied. My mother is very loving & caring to animals, she lives alone & enjoys the companion of a pet. She has always had a cat and all have been spoiled and very well taken care of. The last cat my mother had did run off for unknown reason and unfortunately that does happen. BUT since my mother put on her release form that the cat would be inside & outside if the cat wishes to go out….. She was denied. So, just because her last cat ran off, this shelter would not allow her to adopt from them since she would let this cat outside from time to time. I think that is sad….. to know that a wanted pet, that would have had the best home ever is still now sitting in a cage. There are too many unwanted, unloved and uncared for animal out there and a place like this has denied a perfect home just because that person was going to let it go outside. Give Me a Break! We will go else were and I really hate that “Dreamcycle” missed out on this great care giver he could have had.


    May be a good place?


    Shelter should be more open minded

  • 2. Good Luck

    by: ztT4MP40530441

    Now this with William Baber, how will you keep exploiting people to give you money. Please, people give your money to the Hendersonville Humane Society. At least they have a building to operate out of.


    Runs business from P.O. Box



  • 3. It's all about the animals

    by: SPA

    This group helped expose illegal euthanasia practices by Dr. William Baber and they pushed to take over animal control in Sumner County due to the lack of care and inhumane treatment of the animals there. Their board has 80 plus years experience in shelter operations and animal care. Even without a facility they help in anyway they can and constantly pull animals from the animal control facility to place in forever homes. I can only imagine what they will do once that have a facility.


    Working to end 30 plus years of animal suffering in Sumner County, caring, always willing to help, progressive thinkers and fulfill their motto of "It's all about the animals"


    Don't have a facility yet.