Sabino Canyon Pet Resort

2001 N Sabino Canyon Rd
Tucson, AZ

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Boarded my dog here

    by: azphun

    I have boarded my dog here a few times. When I have picked her up she has seemed well taken care of, and happy.


    seem to take care of the animals



  • 2. Was not happy :(

    by: Maesy

    I am sad to say that my one and only experience leaving my two dogs here to be groomed was upsetting. I was for the most part pleased with the results of the grooming, it was the customer service that was disappointing. I dropped off my dogs first thing when they opened gave them my cell number, my home phone and my mothers number who was picking them up to call her when they were done. They failed to call either number all day and then when my mom finally called close to closing to see if they were done, they said that she needed to be there asap or else we would be charged an overnight stay fee if we were late. I was upset by the manner the situation was handled and the rude manner of the staff. We have not gone back and have found much better grooming services with friendlier people. Hopefully sabino canyon groomers are working on their time management and communication skills.


    Close location on eastside


    bad customer service