Rutland veterinary clinic and surgical center

90 e pittsford rd
Rutland, VT
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  • 1. Great staff

    by: sarawood76

    We were visiting family in Vermont, when Kaya was injured. We called the Rutland Veterinary Clinic, and were told to come right in. The directions were a bit confusing over the phone, but we found the place no problem. The staff were friendly. They came out to the car to help Kaya out. The doctor was knowledgeable and dog-friendly. Kaya was diagnosed as just being sore from extensive play and a possible fall. She was given a shot of prednisone, and tablets to take for the next couple days. We were told to return in 12-24 hours if she did not improve. She did not improve, she vomitted that night. We called the clinic to see if we should continue the prednisone. A doctor told us to skip the next dose and continue the next day. Kaya did not improve. She only became worse. She would not eat the next day. We decided to head home. She was brought to her vet at home, in Lincoln, RI. She was again diagnosed as sore. She was eating again. She was off the prednisone now(which my RI vet said the VT vet had given her too high of a dosage(75 mg)). Now a week later, she is at Ocean State Veterinaty Services. Diagnosis, possible hernia. Waiting by the phone.......


    Pleasant staff members


    Confusing directions over phone, possible high dosage ???