Rugby veterinary service

107 industrial rd
Rugby, ND 58368

User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Great clinic

    by: sandy5

    I really like this clinic. It is a smaller town than DL but they have 3 vets and always someone on call. I tried to get in to DL when Spooky was sick and they couldn't see him (after 20 some years of going there) so I called Rugby and they said come that afternoon. They did all kinds of tests and he had hypobartinellis (sp) I had to give him meds and sure had fun with the iron stuff. More ended up on the furniture than in his mouth. Had 2 follow up visits with bloodwork. She thought I should keep him as an inside cat but that lasted only 2 days. Chances of it reoccuring are little. He has been doing great for a couple of years now.


    Helpful and know their stuff


    a ways to drive

  • 2. Wonderful community service

    by: mike2201

    We started going here when our town didn't have a vet. There is a very nice clinic with 3 veterinarians and several vet techs. Although we have to drive a ways we feel it is well worth it. They take time and make sure you understand the process with your animal.\r\nThanks to them one cat of ours is still alive.


    Caring and knowlegable, always someone on call


    60 miles away