Rowan county animal control shelter

1465 julian rd.
Salisbury , NC 28246

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    by: randiwhitley

    My little yorkiepoo had to be quarantined for 10 days after he bit my son. They litterally had him in a cage with NO human contact. After the 10 days I went to get him and he just wasn't the same dog. He was very scared and didn't want contact with anyone. Later that night he started throwing up clear slime. We just figured it was his nerves because he was traumatized from the shelter. The next morning we found him DEAD! ! ! I went to the shelter the next day and they told me that there were signs everywhere that said your animal is subject to all these diseases and there is nothing they could do about it. ! ! ! !





  • 2. Great dogs and cats

    by: dnrfort06

    This shelter I guess is like everyother shelter as far as animal control goes. The animals all need love and homes. We adopted our bodercollie from there and he had parvo, we took him to the vet and it was well worth the $600 we spent on him cause we knew he was a great pup. But sad part is they had to eutinize all his sibblings and ALL the other puppys in the puppy room as to not spread the disease.. this is so sad. But we still love out dog and would adopt from there again to give an animal a good home.


    The animals are wonderful


    It isnt the cleanest in the world