Rovers Playhouse

3405 Main Ave
Fargo, ND

User Reviews (3)

  • 1. dog camp

    by: paawsrocks

    It is a nice place but my dog hates to be left alone at night so he never gets any sleep and he gets sick and dose not do anything but sleep when we take him home


    my dogs love it


    my dog hates nights

  • 2. Featured today on the local news

    by: Coleen4

    I don't live close enough to Fargo to take my dogs here, but I saw Rovers Playhouse on TV today. The reporter visited Rover's and interviewed the employees and even a couple of dogs. The dogsitters have tons of love to show these animals.


    Nice place


    Too far away

  • 3. great place

    by: KrisT

    Rover's Playhouse is a wonderful place to take your pets. It is like going to the playground for them. The staff is wonderful and you can definately tell that they are animal lovers by the care and warmth seen when they are caring for your animals. Also, they have webcams set up so that you can log on to the internet and see your pet any time of the day.