Roicy duhon animal control center

613 w. pont des mouton
Lafayette, LA 70507
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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Roicy Duhon ACC

    by: LynnK

    This review supports what was stated in the review by Acadianahumane. Roicy Duhon is a very small animal facility serving several Acadiana (Louisiana) parishes with people population in excess of 200,000. The Laborador Retriever made news recently as being "Favorite Dog" to own for the 17th year in a row - but here, too many of them end up being turned over to Roicy. The staff at Roicy does work with the local grassroots animal rescue groups, but the facility really gets overwhelmed with unwanted animals and as the numbers attest. More often than not these unwanted animals are needlessly euthanized because there are just not enough homes in this area of Louisiana. Please visit my (LynnK's journal) and view the poem, "Innocence" which was written to express my heartache over this needless killing.


    They try


    Very small facility, high kill shelter

  • 2. Animal Control Facility

    by: acadianahumane

    This is an animal control facility. While they serve a purpose, they are an animal control facility with a high kill rate. \r\n\r\nWhile this facility is rescue friendly, allowing us to to pull a large portion of the animals who do make it out alive. We would like to see this facility be more open with the public, and educate them in what really goes on here.\r\n\r\nHere are the published facts from 2007. The following statistics for this year were provided by the Lafayette Animal Control shelter as publisehed in the Daily Advertiser:\r\n\r\nMay\r\nEuthanizations: 742\r\nAdoptions: 136\r\n\r\nJune\r\nEuthanizations: 713\r\nAdoptions: 154\r\n\r\nJuly\r\nEuthanizations: 648\r\nAdoptions: 146 \r\n\r\n


    They are rescue friendly.


    This is an animal control and not a rescue. They euthanize most of their animals.