Rohnert park animal shelter

301 j. rogers lane
Rohnert park, CA 94928
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  • 1. We Adopted Izzy From Here

    by: CHAT

    We were on a search for a dog. The dogs that were there didn't speak to us. Then we looked at the cats. Tons of cats. They even let a local organization, Forgotten Felines, use a wing for adoptions. \n\nWe walked down the aisle where the black cats were housed. I saw one that wanted us. \n\nWe were asked to complete a form, and then screened for appropriateness of home environs. After we were approved by another officer of the shelter, we were taken to a little room to get to know our new cat. That is if she liked us and we liked her. \n\nThere was no question. I loved her. We completed the paperwork and paid the fee. We also received some great coupon from a local pet store.


    They are open Sunday!


    They have busy times like any place - be patient.