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User Reviews (2)

  • 1. Genius with feral cats

    by: veegman

    Prior to moving out of the area, I used the services of Dr. Winikoff for nearly ten years. After having brought my animals to many vets, I can honestly say that I have *never* in my life seen a doctor handle feral cats with such kindness and understanding, and I doubt I will ever meet her match. I have brought literally scores of animals to her over the years and she has given each one the expert care that she gives her own animals. Dr. Winikoff has successfully helped some cats who other vets would not treat. She's always willing to work with feral cats and supports TNR projects, though she does not like to ear tip. She also prefers that cats be brought indoors, but she does understand that some are feral enough that they would do better in a managed colony. She's treated dogs who have bordered on dangerous. She's treated feral cats and has such a calming affect on them that many are examined without sedation. She has cared for elephants and lions in Africa, and has volunteered her services to help the victims of the Asian tsunami. I wish we could clone Dr. Winikoff so that every animal on the planet could benefit from her expert care.


    Compassionate care, expert animal handling, always thinking outside the box to find solutions


    Does not accept credit cards

  • 2. ONe of the nicest and most thorough vets around!

    by: Akosh

    One of the best vet experience's I've had, period! Sara Winikoff is terrific with animals and treated me very well. She is no-nonsense, thorough and friendly. I was really impressed with our first meeting when she took the time to get to know my new puppy and me as well. I've had dogs for years and trained older dogs for other people so I've had to deal with many vets over the years. This woman is great and I can't say that I think her manner is different with people than with animals. She seems very passionate about the health and well-being of her charges. She's also very knowledgeable and I feel as though I got quite and education in the hour-long meeting. I'd recommend her hands down over most other vets I have had to deal with.


    Really terrific with both new puppies and new puppy owners


    Lots of information to digest... maybe that's good too